Micro Seminar (專題討論─個體經濟、產業組織與貿易一)


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NTU (Fall 2015)

Course Syllabus

Class Time: Thursday, 1:30-3:00pm, at Social Science Room 401 (社科401教室)

Seminar Schedule:

[ 9 /17] Organization Meeting

[Sample Intro (for 9/24 Econ History Talk)] [Feedback for Sample Intro]


[10/ 1 ] Cheng-Chen Yang (IEAS 中研院經濟所楊建成)

            Title: The Elasticity of the Pareto Parameter and Top Income Optimal Tax Rates

                     [Student Introduction: 黃詩媛李昀儒] [Feedback to Intro]

[10/ 8 ] Josie I Chen (NTPU Econ 台北大學經濟系陳儀)

            Title: Obedience to Rules with Mild Sanctions: The Roles of Peer Punishment and Voting (link)

                     [Student Introduction: 馮孟章戴其安劉藍一陳姿樺] [Feedback to Intro]

[10/15] Kong-Ping Chen (Sinica RCHSS 中研院人社中心陳恭平)

            Title: The Seller's Listing Strategy in Online Auctions

                     [Student Introduction: 陳怡妏陳煒林連柏凱] [Feedback to Intro]

[10/29] Chun-Hsien Yeh (IEAS 中研院經濟所葉俊顯)

            Title: The Egalitarian Solution Versus the Nucleolus: A Strategic Comparison

                     [Student Introduction: 林伯軒洪立文林正峯] [Feedback to Intro]

[11/ 5 ] Ming-Hung Weng (NCKU Econ 成大經濟系翁明宏)

            Title: Riskier Compound Lotteries

                     [Student Introduction: 林德昌劉藍一] [Feedback to Intro]

[11/12] Hui-Lin Lin (NTU 台大經濟系林惠玲)

            Title: The Portfolio of Intangible Investments and Their Performance: Evidence from Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms

[11/19] Susan Neckermann (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

            Title: Incentivizing Creativity: A Large-Scale Experiment With Tournaments and Gifts

                     [Student Introduction: 陳煒林] [Feedback to Intro]

[11/19] Steve Levitt (U of Chicago), 3:30-5pm at Room 101 joint with History Seminar (Note special time and place!)

            Title: Heads of Tails: The Impact of a Coin Toss on Major Life Decisions and Subsequent Happiness

[11/26] Tzu-Ting Yang (IEAS 中研院經濟所楊子霆), joint with History Seminar

            Title: Patient Cost Sharing and Healthcare Utilization in Early Childhood: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

                     [Student Introduction: 傅韋銘徐正憲] [Feedback to Intro]

[12/ 3 ] Wooyoung Lim (HKUST 香港科技大學經濟系林祐永)

            Title: Does Jump-bidding Increase Sellers' Revenue: Theory and Experiment

                     [Student Introduction: 林建勳唐恩信] [Feedback to Intro]

[12/10] Hsin-Yu Tsai (NTU 台大經濟系蔡昕俞)

            Title: The Spillover Effect of Debt Covenants: LBO Loans

                     [Student Introduction: 紀建名] [Feedback to Intro]

[12/10] Myungkyu Shim (SHUFE 上海財經大學), 3:30-5pm at Room 401 joint with Macro Seminar (Note special time!)

            Title: Financial Prices and Equilibrium Uniqueness in Global Games Models of Crises

[12/17] Yi-Chun Chen (NUS 新加坡國立大學經濟系陳逸群)

            Title: Subgame-perfect Implementation: Robustness and Renegotiation

                     [Student Introduction: 盧永桂] [Feedback to Intro]

[12/24] Joshua Goh (NTU GIMBS 台大腦心所吳恩賜)

            Title: Age-related Effects on Decision-Making

                     [Student Introduction: 盧永桂唐恩信] [Feedback to Intro]

[12/31] James Wei Chen (OSU 俄亥俄州立大學經濟系陳暐)

            Title: Epiphany Learning, Attention and Arousal

                     [Student Introduction: 徐正憲] [Feedback to Intro]

[ 1 / 7 ] Daniel Martin (Northwestern MEDS)

            Title: Complex Disclosure (old)

                     [Student Introduction: 戴其安林建勳] [Feedback to Intro]


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