The Lord bless you and keep you! (Num. 6:24)

I love this verse because it is a blessing for you, given by the priests of God. 

Moreover, my wife, Ya-Ju Jocephy Tsai, and I were married on June 24, 2000, which gives exactly the numbers 6/24. 

We have three lovely children, Jane Wang (王示真), Joshua Sean Wang (王示), and Joelle Wang (王示君).

Their names come from John 1:17-18: "律法是藉著摩西頒佈的;恩典和真理都是由耶穌基督來的。從來沒有人見過上帝,只有在父懷裡獨一的兒子將他表明出來。" (RCU)

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