Experimental Economics I: Behavioral Game Theory (實驗經濟學一:行為賽局論)

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NTU (Spring 2017)

Time: Monday, 2:20-5:20pm, at Social Sciences 405 (社科405)

Office Hour: 5:20-6pm after class or by Email appointment

Course Syllabus

     About Oral Presentation and Feedback:
               Chinese Recipe to
Prepare a 20-minute Presentation: 關於 presentation 的一些想法
               Guidelines to Give Feedback: Oral Presentation Evaluation (NTU 3MT)

               Tips and Videos:
                    Data Visualization: 1812 (originally by Minard); 10 most common presentation mistakes
                    Life After Death by PowerPoint (Chinese caption; 2010 update)
Principles of economics, translated  (Transcription)  



    1. Kagel and Roth (1995, 2012), Handbook of Experimental Economics, Vol.1, and Vol.2, Princeton University Press.
    2. Holt (2007), Markets, Games and Strategic Behavior, Pearson. [雙葉代理] (undergraduate textbook)
    3. Crawford, Costa-Gomes and Iriberri
(2013), "Structural Models of Nonequilibrium Strategic Thinking," JEL, 51(1), 5-62. (Level-k)
    4. Krajbich, Oud and Fehr (2014), "Benefits of Neuroeconomic Modeling," AER-P&P, 104(5), 501-506. (Neuroeconomics)
 Riley (2012), Essential Microeconomics, Cambridge University Press. (EM)
    6. Mas-Colell, Whinston and Green (1995), Microeconomic Theory, Oxford University Press.  (MWG)

Class Topics: (See videos from NTU OCW)

 1. [2/20] Experimental Economics and Behavioral Game Theory (OCW1; OCW2) [HW1] (Ch.1, notes)

 o. [2/27] National Holiday

 2. [3/ 6 ] Risk and Time Preferences [OCW] [HW2]; Basic Principles of Experimental Design (OCW) [old slides](A1.2)

 3. [3/13] Social Preferences (OCW1; OCW2) [HW3](Ch.2; new chapter; Reviews for Ultimatum, Dictator and Trust Games)
                  Guest Lecture: Experimental Economics in Practice (Willie Liu from APT)


 4. [3/20] Mixed Strategy Equilibrium (OCW) [HW4](Ch.3); LUPI (OCW) (Ostling-2011)
               Chapter 1 Presentation (涂而禮lec Tolentino、段馬濂)
               Chapter 2 Presentation (徐銘霞、陳則宇) [Student Feedback]

 5. [3/27] Bargaining (OCW) (Ch.4)
               Chapter 3 Presentation (羅廣淇、譚尼克)
               Chapter 4 Presentation (陳昱邵、沈俊廷)
               Paper Presentation: Cai and Wang (GEB 2006) (羅法蘭Fran Oliveira、鄭淳厚) [Student Feedback]

 o. [4/ 3 ] Spring Break

 6. [4/10] Bargaining, Continued (OCW) (Continued; Ch.4)
               Chapter 5 Presentation (馬健原Jeffrey Ma、林鈞樂Jules Linden)
               Chapter 6 Presentation (林思詩Claire Lin、王冀之Chichih Wang) [Student Feedback]

 7. [4/17] Dominant Solvable Games (OCW) (Ch.5)
               Chapter 7 Presentation (韓世珊Artemis Han、方崇安Andy Fang)

               Chapter 8 Presentation (陳宏毅Hung-Yi Chen、葉芮君Trudie Yeh)
               Paper Presentation: Wang, Spezio and Camerer (AER 2010) (黃雋穎Jun-Ying Huang、謝潔儀Joycelyn Hsieh) [Student Feedback]

 o. [4/24] Midterm Proposal Presentation

 8. [5/ 1 ] Level-k Thinking (OCW) [old slides](Crawford-2013)

 9. [5/ 8 ] Learning (OCW) (Ch.6; new chapter)
               Chapter 9 Presentation (陳奕銘、茆賀甯)

               Chapter 10 Presentation (黃雋穎、謝潔儀)
               Paper Presentation: Battaglini, Lai, Lin and Wang (mimeo 2016) (徐銘霞、陳則宇) [Student Feedback]

10.[5/15] Coordination and Equilibrium Selection (OCW) (Ch.7)
               Chapter 11 Presentation (羅法蘭、鄭淳厚)
               Chapter 12 Presentation (李家緯、謝文翰)
               Paper Presentation: Kawagoe and Takizawa (GEB 2009) (林思詩) [Student Feedback]

11.[5/22] Signaling and Reputation (OCW) (Ch.8) (Wang-2010; Lai-2014)
               Paper Presentation: Erat and Gneezy (MS 2012) (馬健原、林鈞樂)
               Paper Presentation: Minozzi and Woon (GEB 2016) (陳昱邵、沈俊廷) [Student Feedback]

 o. [5/29] National Holiday

12.[6/ 3 ] Market Design (A Taiwanese Example) (OCW) (Jackson-2013)

13.[6/ 5 ] Student Presentations
               Paper Presentation: Vespa and Wilson (QE 2015) (李家緯、謝文翰)
               Paper Presentation: Battaglini and Makarov (GEB 2014) (韓世珊、方崇安)
               Paper Presentation: Crawford and Sobel (1982) (羅廣淇、譚尼克)
               Paper Presentation: Jin, Luca and Martin (mimeo 2015) (陳奕銘、茆賀甯) [Student Feedback]

14.[6/12] Final Proposal Presentation (Proposal Due 6/19)
               Paper Presentation: Hurkens and Kartick (EE 2009) (陳宏毅、葉芮君)
               Paper Presentation: De Groot Ruiz, Offerman and Onderstal (2015) (涂而禮) [Student Feedback]


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