Public Finance

財 政 學
 1  Instructor: Yusen Sung

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 2  Class Time:

9:10~12noon Friday

Classroom etiquette:

 3  Prerequisite:

Undergraduate-level microeconomics.
 4  Grade Policy:

There will be an in-class mid-term exam and an in-class final exam, each accounting for 50% of your final course grade.
 5  Recommended Textbooks:

1. Public Finance, H.S. Rosen and T. Gayer, 2014(10e), McGraw-Hill. (華泰代理)
2. Intermediate Public Economics, J. Hindriks and G.D. Myles, 2013(2e), 952pp., MIT Press.

 6  Fall Term Schedule: Government Expenditures (Calendar)

A. Theory:
  1. Introduction (market failure and government intervention): Note
  2. Public Goods: Theory and Practice Note
  3. Externality: Note [Matching Theory]
  4. Public Choice: Note
    Midterm Exam
B. Practice:
  1. Income Redistribution: Note
  2. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Note 1, Note 2
  3. Social Welfare: Social Insurance and Assistance Note (Ref: Article 1 | Article 2 | 勞委會 勞動力發展署 | 衛生福利部 中央健保署)
    Final Exam
 7  Spring Term Schedule: Government Revenues (Calendar)

A. Theory:
  1. Introduction: Taxation Theory and Practice
  2. Positive Analysis: Tax Incidence Note
  3. Positive Analysis: Excess Burden Note
  4. Normative Analysis: Efficiency and Equity Note
    Midterm Exam
B. Practice:
  1. Budget Deficit and Government Debt Note Taiwan
  2. Fiscal Federalism: Local Government Finance Note
  3. Personal Income Tax Note (綜合所得稅節稅手冊) (所得稅法) (申報書樣本)
  4. Consumption/Property Tax Note
  5. Empirical Estimation of Public Good Demand Note
    Final Exam
 8  Lecture Outline (in Chinese):

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 9  Course Grades:

 10  Sample Exams and Answers:

School year: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015


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