General Information

聯絡地址 國立台灣大學 / 社會科學院 / 827 研究室)

National Taiwan Univ., Economics Department, Taipei, Taiwan
[Office Tel] (02) 3366-8327

談話時間 11am ~ noon Thursday

推薦信函 Please observe the following regarding any recommendation letter requests:

--- Please email me first and let me know about your application details (admission/scholarship, deadline, etc).
--- Allow me at least a full week to write the letters.
--- Leave the following items, in a package, in my mailbox:
  • A list of the institutes you apply to (please email me the list in MS Word or ASCII text format).
  • A copy of your transcript.
  • Your statement of purpose.
  • Reference forms and envelopes (stamped if you want me to mail them).

節氣月曆 Click here for a convenient Chinese calendar with world time.

批評建議 Please email me: