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Institute of Health Data Analytics and Statistics, National Taiwan University

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Address: Room 501, No. 17, Xu-Zhou Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan

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41.  Lin W-Y* (2024).  Detecting gene-environment interactions from multiple continuous traits.  Bioinformatics, in press. (8 pages). (SCI)     [Supplementary Materials]

40.  Lin W-Y* (2024).  Gene-environment interactions and gene-gene interactions on two biological age measures: evidence from Taiwan Biobank participants.  Advanced BiologyArticle number: 2400149. (10 pages). (SCI)     [Supplementary Materials]

39.  Lin W-Y* (2024).  Searching for gene-gene interactions through variance quantitative trait loci of 29 continuous Taiwan Biobank phenotypes.  Frontiers in Genetics, 15, Article number: 1357238. (13 pages). (SCI)

38.  Chang X-Y, Lin W-Y* (2023).  Epigenetic age acceleration mediates the association between smoking and diabetes-related outcomes.  Clinical Epigenetics, 15, Article number: 94 (16 pages). (SCI, IF = 7.280, 20/175 = 11% in category: Genetics & Heredity)     [Supplementary Materials]

37.  Lin W-Y* (2023).  Epigenetic clocks derived from Western samples differentially reflect Taiwanese health outcomes.  Frontiers in Genetics, 14, Article number: 1089819. (10 pages). (SCI, IF = 4.772, 43/175 = 24.57% in category: GENETICS & HEREDITY)     [Supplementary Materials]

36.  Lin W-Y* (2022). The most effective exercise to prevent obesity: A longitudinal study of 33,731 Taiwan biobank participants.  Frontiers in Nutrition9, Article number: 944028 (9 pages). (SCI, IF = 6.590, 16/90 = 18% in category: NUTRITION & DIETETICS) 

35.  Lin W-Y* (2022). Associations of five obesity indicators with cognitive performance in 30,697 Taiwan Biobank participants.  BMC Geriatrics22, Article number: 839 (8 pages). (SSCI, IF = 4.076, 10/37 = 27% in category: GERONTOLOGY)     [Supplementary Materials]

34.  Lo Y-H, Lin W-Y* (2022). Cardiovascular health and four epigenetic clocks.  Clinical Epigenetics, 14, Article number: 73 (10 pages). (SCI, IF = 6.551, 21/176 = 12% in category: Genetics & Heredity)     [Supplementary Materials]

33.  Lin W-Y* (2022). Genome-wide association study for four measures of epigenetic age acceleration and two epigenetic surrogate markers using DNA methylation data from Taiwan Biobank.  Human Molecular Genetics, 31, 1860-1870. (SCI, IF = 6.150, 23/176 = 13% in category: Genetics & Heredity)   [Author's Copy of the Paper]

32.  Lin W-Y* (2022). Lifestyle factors and genetic variants on two biological age measures: evidence from 94,443 Taiwan Biobank participants.  Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, 77, 1189-1198. (SSCI, IF = 6.053, 1/36 = 3% in category: Gerontology).   [Author's Copy of the Paper]     [Author's Copy of the Supplementary Materials]     [Slides in PDF]     [Slides in PPT]

31.  Lin W-Y*, Wang Y-C, Teng I-H, Liu C, Lou X-Y (2021). Associations of five obesity metrics with epigenetic age acceleration: Evidence from 2,474 Taiwan Biobank participants. Obesity, 29, 1731-1738. (SCI, IF = 5.002, 24/88 = 27% in category: Nutrition & Dietetics).    [Authors' Copy of the Paper]      [Slides in PDF]     [Slides in PPT]

30.  Lin W-Y* (2021). A large-scale observational study linking various kinds of physical exercise to lipoprotein-lipid profile. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 18, Article number: 35. (11 pages). (SCI, IF = 5.159, 9/88 = 10% in category: Sport Sciences).

29.  Lu C-C, Yen R-F, Peng K-Y, Huang JY, Wu K-D, Chueh JS, Lin W-Y* (2021). NP-59 Adrenal Scintigraphy as an Imaging Biomarker to Predict KCNJ5 Mutation in Primary Aldosteronism Patients. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 12, Article number: 644927. (9 pages). (SCI, IF = 5.555, 32/146 = 22% in category: Endocrinology & Metabolism).

28.  Lin W-Y*, Liu Y-L, Yang AC, Tsai S-J, Kuo P-H* (2020). Active cigarette smoking is associated with an exacerbation of genetic susceptibility to diabetes.  Diabetes, 69, 2819-2829. (SCI, IF = 9.461, 11/146 = 8% in category: Endocrinology & Metabolism)      [Authors' Copy of the paper]        [Authors' Copy of the Supplementary Materials]  

27.  Lin W-Y*, Lin Y-S, Chan C-C, Liu Y-L, Tsai S-J, Kuo P-H (2020). Using genetic risk score approaches to infer whether an environmental factor attenuates or exacerbates the adverse influence of a candidate gene.  Frontiers in Genetics, 11, Article 331 (13 pages). (SCI, IF = 4.599, 48/176 = 27% in category: Genetics & Heredity)      [Supplementary Materials]      [中文簡介]        [Slides for Talk at Academia Sinica]        [Slides for Talk at TASM]

26.  Lin W-Y*, Chan C-C, Liu Y-L, Yang AC, Tsai S-J, Kuo P-H* (2020). Sex-specific autosomal genetic effects across 26 human complex traits.  Human Molecular Genetics, 29, 1218-1228. (SCI, IF = 6.150, 23/176 = 13% in category: Genetics & Heredity)      [Authors' Copy of the paper]        [Authors' Copy of the Supplementary Materials]      [中文簡介]

25.  Lin W-Y*, Huang C-C, Liu Y-L, Tsai S-J, Kuo P-H (2019). Polygenic approaches to detect gene-environment interactions when external information is unavailable. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 20: 2236-2252.  (SCI, IF = 11.622, 2/58 = 3% in category: Mathematical & Computational Biology)    [Software]     [A poster to briefly introduce this study]

24.  Lin W-Y*, Chan C-C, Liu Y-L, Yang AC, Tsai S-J, Kuo P-H* (2019). Performing different kinds of physical exercise differentially attenuates the genetic effects on obesity measures: evidence from 18,424 Taiwan Biobank participants. PLOS Genetics, 15(8): e1008277 (21 pages). (SCI, IF = 5.917, 27/176 = 15% in category: Genetics & Heredity)      [Powerpoint of a Special Talk]      [Slides for 108CSAT]      [Slides for MCP 2019]      [中文簡介]

23.  Lin W-Y*, Huang C-C, Liu Y-L, Tsai S-J, Kuo P-H (2019). Genome-wide gene-environment interaction analysis using set-based association tests. Frontiers in Genetics, 9, Article 715 (15 pages). (SCI, IF = 4.599, 48/176 = 27% in category: Genetics & Heredity)    [Software]

22.  Lin W-Y*Chen WJ, Liu C-M, Hwu H-G, McCarroll SA, Glatt SJ, Tsuang MT (2017). Adaptive combination of Bayes factors as a powerful method for the joint analysis of rare and common variants. Scientific Reports, 7: 13858 (13 pages).   (SCI, IF = 4.379, 17/73 = 23% in category: MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES)    [Software]     [A poster to briefly introduce this study]

21.  Lin W-Y* (2016). Beyond rare-variant association testing: Pinpointing rare causal variants in case-control sequencing study. Scientific Reports, 6: 21824.        [Software]

20.  Lin W-Y*, Liang Y-C (2016). Conditioning adaptive combination of P-values method to analyze case-parent trios with or without population controls. Scientific Reports, 6: 28389     [Software]      [R-code to analyze the GAW18 data]          [Introduction by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health]

19.  Lin W-Y* (2014). Adaptive Combination of P-values for Family-based Association Testing with Sequence Data. PLoS ONE, 9: e115971. 

18.  Lin W-Y* (2014). Association Testing of Clustered Rare Causal Variants in Case-Control Studies. PLoS ONE, 9: e94337.        [Software]

17.  Lin W-Y*, Lou XY, Gao G, Liu N* (2014). Rare Variant Association Testing by Adaptive Combination of P-values. PLoS ONE, 9: e85728.        [Software]

16.  Lin W-Y, Dubuisson O, Rubicz R, Liu N, Allison DB, Curran JE, Comuzzie AG, Blangero J, Leach CT, Goring H, Dhurandhar NV* (2013). Response to Comment on: Lin et al. Long-Term Changes in Adiposity and Glycemic Control Are Associated With Past Adenovirus Infection. Diabetes Care 2013;36:701-707. Diabetes Care, 36: e162.      [PMC Free Full text]

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1.  Schaid DJ*, Lin W-Y (2007). One- and two-locus models for mapping rheumatoid arthritis-susceptibility genes on chromosome 6. BMC Proceedings, 1 (Suppl 1): S103.

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Yang S-Y*, Lin J-M, Lin W-Y, Chang C-W (2018).  Cancer Risk Assessment for Occupational Exposure to Chromium and Nickel in Welding Fumes from Pipeline Construction, Pressure Container Manufacturing, and Shipyard Building in Taiwan.  Journal of Occupational Health, in press.

Lee S-H, Tang C-H, Lin W-Y, Chen K-H, Liang H-J, Cheng T-J, Lin C-Y* (2018).  LC-MS-based lipidomics to examine acute rat pulmonary responses after nano- and fine-sized ZnO particle inhalation exposure.  Nanotoxicology, 12: 439-452.

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Pan S-Y, Chiang W-C, Chen P-M, Liu H-H, Chou Y-H, Lai T-S, Lai C-F, Chiu Y-L, Lin W-Y, Chen Y-M, Chu T-S*, Lin S-L* (2017). Restricted Use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent is Safe and Associated with Deferred Dialysis Initiation in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. Scientific Reports, 7: 44013.

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