Oral Training II Fall 2004
Language Center 117
Tuesdays 10:20am-12:10pm
Instructor: Karen S. Chung

     There will be 16 class meetings this semester: September 14, 21; October 5, 12, 19, 26; November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; December 7, 14, 21, 28; January 4.
No class on Mid-Autumn Festival, September 28. Cancel-add period: September 27-October 5. Mid-terms: November 8-12. Last day of class: January 7. Final exams: January 10-14. Winter break starts on January 17.

     Routine work: We will learn and recite one English poem a week, and there will also be a weekly listening assignment, which may or may not be the same as the listening assignment in this year's lab and freshman English classes. Each student must keep up a pronunciation journal; a summary of your notes will be required at the end of the semester.

      Note that this syllabus is subject to change.

     Click here for the Poems for Memorization handout for Fall 2004. Click here for the poetry handout in Word format for printing out (4 pages).
     Click here for the About Poetry: English Prosody Plus Selected Literary Terms handout. (Refer to this for definitions of terms like iambic, doggerel, and synaesthesia.)

     E-mail the instructor if you need to miss class or be late for any reason, or have other concerns or questions. Otherwise, you will be marked for an unexcused absence or tardiness. More than three unexcused absences or five tardinesses is grounds for receiving a semester grade less than that required to pass the course.

     September 14: Introduction, limericks; passage for reading aloud: Hurricane Ivan. US English  BBC report   direct audio link
     Listening assignment: Listen to the BBC's five-minute news summary and write a one-sentence summary of
each news item: BBC World Service radio summary Click on Summaries: Audio Latest.
     Prepare: Prepare passage to read aloud. Prepare clean joke to tell. Things to pay attention to:
     (1) Stand confidently in front of your audience, don't make any distracting movements, make eye contact, smile.
     (2) Make sure you explain any unfamiliar or difficult words, expressions or names to the class before you start telling the joke.
     (3) Make sure you know your joke backwards and forwards so you don't hesitate, forget, or get confused about what you're trying to say.
     (4) Slow down and speak especially clearly at key words and names, and most importantly, at the punchline, and pay special attention to connecting with your audience at these points. Timing is the key to telling a good joke. Make sure your story doesn't drag on too long, or that the punchline doesn't slip by without everybody getting it, or even hearing it clearly. Hopefully you will get a big laugh for your efforts!

     Here are a few sites with some more tips on how to tell a joke: 1 2 3
     There are some links to clean joke sites here.

     Prepare skill presentation outline ("Cooking with Fu Pei-mei"). You have about 5 minutes for your presentation. Possible skills: cooking, dance steps, a musical instrument, macramé a card or magic trick, how to make up, CPR skills, yoga, taichichuan. Do not demonstrate how to wrap a present!

     September 21: Oral reading of "Hurricane Ivan".
     Listening assignment: Minnesota Public Radio: Black manes rule among lions in the Serengeti
     Prepare: Joke; skill presentation; get and use an NTU e-mail account; send a quote to Ms. Chung so we can put together a class mailing list.

     October 5: Finish oral reading of "Hurricane Ivan"; joke telling; return skill outline.
     Listening Assignment:
ChannelOne.com: Living with alcoholism.
     Prepare: Prepare skill presentation; choose movie to review, partner.

     October 12: Last "Hurrican Ivan" readings; joke telling; skill presentation, if there's time.
     Listening assignment: Make a 10-inch berry tart; or other online video recipe of your choice.
     Prepare: Skill presentation; ghost story; movie for review.

19: Finish joke telling; skill presentations.
     Listening assignment: The Larry Elder Show: Interview with Vili Fualaau
     Prepare: Ghost story without notes; movie review.

     October 26: Tell ghost story in class. No notes!
     Listening assignment:
Minnesota Public Radio: Neighborhood friction is a sign of the times
     Prepare: Skill presentation; movie review.

     November 2: Skill presentations.
     Listening assignment: Popular song: Father and Son by Cat Stevens; (See LINGUIST post on phantom Chinese phrase in this song and mondegreens at: http://linguistlist.org/issues/11/11-2294.html#1 and http://linguistlist.org/issues/11/11-2462.html#1)
     Prepare: Skill presentation, movie review.

9: Skill presentations.
     Listening assignment: Chicago Public Radio: Embroidery Felon
     Prepare: Skill presentations, movie review. Watch "Siskel and Ebert" video in AV library for ideas on how to structure your movie review.

     November 16: Last two-and-a-half skill presentations. Discussions on past two assignments.
     Listening assignment:
NPR All Things Considered: Spelling Bee
     Prepare: Movie reviews.

     November 23: Movie reviews.
     Listening assignment: BBC video report: Atrocities uncovered in Darfur
     Prepare: Movie reviews.

     November 30: Movie reviews.
     Listening assignment: CBS video report: The Early Show: Reporter's Cancer Video Diary
     Prepare: Movie reviews; choose three topics for class discussion.

     December 7: Movie reviews.
     Listening assignment: National Geographic Presents: Europe's Fascination with Native Americans
     Prepare: Movie review; class discussion.

     December 14: Movie reviews.
     Listening assignment: NPR All Things Considered: Yushchenko Was Poisoned, Austrian Doctors Say

     Prepare: Movie reviews; class discussion on "Plans after I graduate"; outline for 60-second TV commercial.

     December 21: Last two movie reviews.
     Listening assignment: Listen to an audio or video file of your choice and write a short (less than one A4 page) summary of it.
     Prepare: Class discussion on "Plans after I graduate"; 60-second TV commercial.

     December 28: Class discussion on "Plans after I graduate".
     Listening assignment: MPR: Rachel's School Diary
60-second commercial. Pronunciation summary and class evaluation.

     January 4: Hand in pronunciation summary and class evaluation. 60-second commercial.
     Listening assignment:
WPR: Mom & Dad Growing Old: "Stuff"
      January 11: Last-day-of class activity

     Winter break assignments:
(1) Listening assignment: Listen to an entire recorded work in English (no video or movies), at least three hours in length, on tape, CD, or the Internet, and write a brief summary of it; (2) read a novel in preparation for an oral book report; no Harry Potter, Little Prince, Lord of the Rings, or children's books; (3) prepare one English, one Chinese (you will translate this yourself), one original poem for poetry reading; (4) write outline of play idea; (5) choose a topic for a class debate. The listening assignment summary, the debate topic, and the outline of your idea for a play are to be handed in the first day of class Spring semester.

     Online KK symbol editor page
(for pronunciation summary): http://ipa.typeit.org/