Listening comprehension exercise:
Embroidery Felon
Third Coast International Audio Festival (2003)
RealPlayer audio file:

to close the show
materials at hand
to generate
Ray Materson
armed robbery
to commit
that he'd committed
toy gun
to support
cocaine habit
jail term
to be angry at the world
for what he'd done
to find redemption in
a pair of socks
ball games
to be slated to play
University of Southern California
Rose Bowl
a couple of cells down from
to hang out
underwear and socks
tier railings
tube socks
University of Michigan
to think to oneself
to strike up a deal
a pack of cigarettes
kind of = more or less
the going rate (the usual price)
to pull a thread out
to borrow
sewing needle
to design
sewing hoop link 2
Rubbermaid dish
to tear
a piece of sheet
to drew
block letter
maize = corn, the color of corn, tannish yellow
maize and blue letter "M"
Rose Bowl game
Kool-Aid link 2
prison store
to sport (a hat)
cell block
Yo, man!
to be inundated with
requests for
all variety of
sports emblems
a such-and-such
Seattle Seahawks emblem

Seahawk green
on the bunk (bed)
to design images
drug and alcohol abuse
sports heroes
theater scenes
peaceful thoughts
to escape into
you go = you say
magnifying glass
now we're talking about...
to be paroled
Monarch butterfly
cocoon link 2
chrysalis link 2
to take apart
into the dark
into the unknown
suspended animation
to be turned back into something
to emerge from
than it had been
to be on display
American Visionary Art Museum
the Outsider Art Show

Listening comprehension and Web search questions:
1. Why was Materson in jail?
2. How long after Materson's incarceration was it before he started trying to do something more constructive with his life?
3. Where did the inspiration for Materson's new calling (life work) come from?
4. How did Materson get the materials and tools needed for what he wanted to do?
5. What kind of fantasy was Materson planning to indulge in with his creation?
6. Who won the Rose Bowl in the year that Materson talks about in the report, and what was the score?
7. What was the reaction of the other prisoners who saw his work? Why do you think they reacted as they did?
8. How did Materson's hobby eventually contribute to his personal growth?
9. What is the size of Materson's works?
10. What kind of a metaphor did Materson draw between his work and his life?
11. Which state is Baltimore in? In what part of the US is this state? What is its state capital?