Listening exercise:
The Larry Elder Show: Interview with Vili Fualaau

     This exercise is based on three QuickTime videos of an interview by talk-show host Larry Elder with Mary Kay Letourneau's student-lover, VIli Fualaau.

     First read some background on the case involving Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau in an article from the ABC news site, dated Sept. 24, 2004. This article tries to tell Mary Kay's side of the story. The article is a bit long, so you can just skim it for key facts rather than reading the whole thing carefully:

LeTourneau Reunites With Student Lover

     Next, read through the vocabulary and questions, and watch the three videos of interviews with Vili Fualaau.

     Click on (1) See what he had to say about the genesis of their relationship; (2) Watch the clip of Fualaau talking about how the couple coped throughout the separation; and (3) Find out more about their future plans and how they are dealing with the aftermath in this clip.

Video one
used to
how she dressed
to take over
I'd be like = I said
how come = why
to get special privileges
to go on
to have feelings for
to have an affair
wouldn't call it
with somebody already
to have somebody on the side
to be more in love with
to look it up in the dictionary
to be on the computer
this girl I'm in love with
Did you guys begin going
somewhere in the school building?

Video two
to have contact with
to write to
the state put a no-contact order on us
not even mails
through someone else
a certain person
They called, they got ahold of me
and I got the letters through them.
a bunch of letters
plenty of
to write out
to seal up
to violate
the terms of
at this point
Your feelings for her are what?
to go up and down
behind bars
school counselors
sex offender
to have sex with
to manipulate
to care about
to have a kid
to put s.o. through something
it kinda like...
to blur
my picture of her
to wait around for
to start dating again
None of my girlfriends worked out.
I mean, I guess it just wasn't meant
to work out because I didn't really
want to be with those girls for the
rest of my life.
to alter how you feel
for a while
to be intensely in love with

Video three
forbidden romance
to rush by
to be back in contact with
to mention
to get married
to assume
to have a time frame
to pick a date
to have so much going on
to find out
to be hurt
not to mean anything
between you and your mom
to turn around (change her mind)
an awkward picture
way back when
to be far apart in age
to accept
to be behind someone = to support s.o.

     Now answer the following listening comprehension and thought questions.

Listening comprehension questions:
1. (Video One) How did Vili say the relationship started between him and Mary Kay?
2. What was the reaction of Vili's classmates when "he took over the class"?
3. What was Mary Kay's reaction when, three months later, Vili asked her if she would have an affair with him?
4. How do the pictures shown in the background affect how you feel about this case?
5. (Video Two) Did Vili write to Mary Kay when she was in jail? If so, how?
6. Did Vili receive any letters from Mary Kay while she was in jail? If so, how?
7. What happened to Vili's feelings for Mary Kay while she was in jail, and what were some of the things influencing his feelings?
8. What happened when Vili tried to start dating again?
9. (Video Three) What are the ages of Vili and Mary Kay now?
10. When will they get married?
11. What does Vili say he would say to Mary Kay's ex-husband if he saw him?
12. In retrospect, considering all that has happened since the affair between Vili and Mary Kay first started, how do you think the authorities should have handled this case to minimize hurt to the most people?