Listening exercise:
Popular song: Father and Son
by Cat Stevens

1. Transcribe the lyrics of this song.
    After you have done your best, look up the lyrics on the Internet
    and correct your work with a red pen very carefully.

2. Who is speaking? Indicate in your transcription where each speaker's part begins.
    How does Cat Stevens reflect the change of speakers in his singing?

3. About how old do you think the son and father are?

4. What kind of conflict does this song describe?
    What does the father recommend for the son?
    What is the son's reaction?

5. In which lines is the father trying to convince his son
    that he understands how the son feels?
    What is the son's response to the father's expression of understanding?

6. According to the son, what is the father's usual reaction
    when the son tries to communicate with the father?
    How long has this pattern of interaction been going on?
    Why did the son sometimes cry?

7. What do you think the outcome of this intergenerational conflict will be?