Listening exercise: BBC video report
Atrocities uncovered in Darfur
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Nov 15 2004: Atrocities uncovered (04:00 mins)
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     First, listen to the BBC video report, "Atrocities uncovered in Darfur"
and complete the cloze of the transcribed report below.

     Then answer the questions below, using information contained
in the report and doing an Internet search where necessary.
For the third question you will need to formulate your own opinion.

1. Who is doing the killing in Darfur, and why?
2. Why did the Janjaweed become involved?
3. Why do you think the international community is unwilling
to intervene to help stop the genocide in Darfur?


We left (1)_______________ territory (2)_______________,
and (3)_______________ our (4)_______________
(5)_______________ the (6)_______________ (7)_______________ of Darfur.
We (8)_______________ to (9)_______________ remote (10)_______________
(11)_______________ we (12)_______________
(13)_______________ of (14)_______________.
We (15)_______________ people (16)_______________ .
They (17)_______________ (18)_______________ people
(19)_______________ just (20)_______________ (21)_______________
on the (22)_______________ (23)_______________.
(This raises the question of whether it's safe to go.)
(24)_______________ we (25)_______________ to proceed into the
land of the Janjaweed (26)_______________.
These mountains (27)_______________ been completely (28)_______________
off (29)_______________ (30)_______________.
(31)_______________ , the Janjaweed Arab militias
(32)_______________ been purging Darfur of (33)_______________ (34)_______________.
At our (35)_______________,
(36)_______________ of (37)_______________ (38)_______________ waiting.
(39)_______________ (40)_______________ we (41)_______________
coming and (42)_______________
to tell (43)_______________ what (44)_______________ been through.
There were no (45)_______________ here.
Many of their husbands (46)_______________ been (47)_______________.
A huge number (48)_______________ (49)_______________ raped.
(Did she lose any children?) We (50)_______________ to count.
After an hour, (51)_______________ counted 80 (52)_______________
(53)_______________ been killed.
All these women (54)_______________ from the town of Kidineer.
In five (55)_______________ attacks (56)_______________ a year,
Sudanese government planes (57)_______________ the town
(58)_______________ the air, as Janjaweed militias moved (59)_______________
(60)_______________ the (61)_______________.
Schoolchildren were (62)_______________
at (63)_______________ range in the classrooms.
Every (64)_______________ was scorched.
An Arab-(65)_______________ man in a uniform with
military insignia (66)_______________ his car (67)_______________ to me.
He grabbed my son (68)_______________ me,
and (69)_______________ him into a (70)_______________.
Kamima's son was (71)_______________ years old.
Sudan's government (72)_______________ they've only bombed (73)_______________
(74)_______________ an attempt to put (75)_______________ a regional uprising
by black African rebels. But it (76)_______________ add up.
Why were (77)_______________ than 80 children killed here,
some of them shot at (78)_______________ -blank range?
Why were women (79)_______________?
The killing of black African civilians here in Kidineer
and (80)_______________ Darfur (81)_______________ been
thorough, systematic, and (82)_______________.
So is this genocide?
For (83)_______________ we'd been (84)_______________
about fields of (85)_______________ by the refugees,
but this is the (86)_______________ footage (87)_______________ its kind.
Genocide is an (88)_______________
to (89)_______________ an ethnic group.
Tens of thousands of black Africans
have been killed.
The massacres are still (90)_______________ on.
We travelled hundreds of miles North
to try to access a known Janjaweed (91)_______________.
This was a (92)_______________ military area.
This town, Mustariha, (93)_______________ as a camp
for 900 (94)_______________.
It's home to a unit named
by international military (95)_______________
as the Janjaweed.
Sudan's government (96)_______________ backing them.
But when a local leader took us to meet them,
they (97)_______________ us their Sudanese
government identity cards.
The United States have called
the (98)_______________ in Darfur "genocide".
That makes you directly responsible
for an appalling crime against humanity.
Our position is clear,
that what is going on in Darfur is not a genocide.
This is an American attempt to use our political...
our humanitarian situation for a political agenda.
As we left Darfur,
women surged out of the refugee camp
to demand that the world do something
about the rape and the killings.
The ultimate crime against humanity
may be (99)_______________ here,
the international community
(100)_______________ to confront it.

Hilary Andersson, BBC News in Darfur.