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Industry Liaison Office, National Taiwan University



TU Darmstadt visited National Taiwan University

Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel, president of TU Darmstadt, Regina Sonntag-Krupp Director of International Affairs,  and Prof. Dr. Oliver Clemens visited National Taiwan University on 5/22 yesterday .



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David Peng, CEO of the National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office, proposed 4 major cooperation:

1. Industry Cooperation Across Two Countries, with a view to enabling member companies of the Taiwan University Industry and Education Alliance to identify opportunities for cooperation with German industries.

2. Start-up Cooperation Forum provides opportunities for new teams of students, professors or graduates from both universities to make use of the resources of the school to set up new startups.

3. International Talent Exchange Program, so that bilateral students and scholars can have short-term opportunities to travel to Germany and Taiwan.

4. International Accelerator Link enables bilateral start-ups to secure initial investment, industry coaching and government grants during a fixed period of time.



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President Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel responded on a case-by-case basis:

A. The Darmstadt University of Technology is highly bonded with the industry. Talents and researcher are combined with the industry chain. They hope that the NTUILO will be able to integrate and collect the technical and cooperation request of NTUILO members. So that TU Darmstadt can list them from the top down, so that it could be possible to connect research teams and capacities with the cooperation request.

B. The TU Darmstadt itself does not have the experience of start-up program, but they are looking forward to learn about the start-up program and to find potential opportunities for their students and professors.

C. The school is very happy at exchange program.

D. The Darmstadt University of Technology is quite interested in International accelerators, but like the start-up program, they do not have experiences yet.

After learning about each other and goals, the meeting was successfully concluded and future cooperation is about to begin.



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