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Industry Liaison Office, National Taiwan University


  • Date:2018-09-12

In the era of globalization and knowledge economy, the regional and industrial innovations led by top tier universities have become a new momentum force for the nation’s innovation. In face of diverse and complicated social problems, there is a growing need for industry-academia co-operation and innovation systems. The role of university institutes have changed from being academia and talent cultivation oriented, to focusing on the market needs and social responsibilities. Governments around the globe turn to top tier universities to enhance the creation of original knowledge, attain close industry-academia connection and solve social problems; in addition to stimulating economic growth and the overall enhancement of technology and society through industry-academia co-operation’s promotion of actual innovation.


Our nation is currently at the bottleneck of industry and economic development. As a vital institute for talent cultivation, academic research and industry innovation, National Taiwan University can actively integrate its internal research and development momentum to assist in solving the difficulties that our nation’s industry is currently facing. National Taiwan University takes in to consideration the development needs of our nation in terms of future development; and given that the organization will see no major changes in the near future, National Taiwan University referred to MIT’s industry-academia alliance model and established the “National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office”. Its purpose is to bring together resources from top domestic and foreign enterprises for innovation research and assisting our nations industry to be on par with international standards.