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  Principal investigator : Dr. WEN, Tzai-Hung  溫在弘    文簡歷
  Academic Identifiers:  ORCID: 0000-0002-9151-8336 | Web of Science ResearcherID: H-2635-2018
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 My academic career focuses on shaping the knowledge of geographic information science (GIScience) and developing geospatial computational methods for improving the understanding of public health and the human environment. I began this work when I was trained as a doctoral student in the National Taiwan University (NTU) Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering in 2000-2006, and afterwards a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica in 2007-2008. My early independent research and teaching experiences started in Spring 2008, as being a project-appointed Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at NTU, which was funded by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan-CDC). During these periods, I broadened my scope to conduct geospatial studies on infectious disease transmission dynamics.
    In August 2009, I joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in the NTU Department of Geography. I was promoted to Associate Professor in 2013 and Full Professor in 2017. My major research topics focus on modeling geospatial process in human environment, especially spatial diffusion of epidemics, population mobility structures, and human-environment interactions from local, regional to global scales . Currently and in the near future, I am developing three main interdisciplinary research tracks. The first, I concentrate on developing geospatial computational algorithms for profiling collective human behaviors in time and space. The second track is from a spatial epidemiological perspective on characterizing spatial-temporal structures of diffusion and detecting the outbreak thresholds for epidemic early warning. The last, my research interests also cover the statistical analysis of serial event data in time and space, such as trajectories of pedestrians, serial crimes, eye tracking or any movement data. In recent years, my research/teaching accomplishments include the Excellent Young Investigator Grant awarded from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Taiwan (2014-2016); the Wu Da-Yu Memorial Award from the MOST (2015), which is the most prestigious recognition for young investigators in Taiwan; the Breakthrough Technology Award from the MOST's Future Tech Expo (2017); the NTU
Teaching Awards (2011, 2013, 2016, 2018, 2023) and the Faculty Merit Pay (2016-2023). I am also in charge of several academic journal editorial boards, departments and associations, including editor-in-chief of Journal of Population Studies (2020-2023), guest editor of  Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease (2022-2023), the chairpersons of NTU Department of Geography (2018-2021), the Geographical Society of ROC (2019-2022), and the Chinese Cartographic Association (2019-2023).
My research continues to be focusing on examining the causes, process and impacts of geospatial spreading and mobility in time and space, especially visualizing and analyzing multidimensional spatial-temporal data from mobile geo-sensors, crowdsourced and open data platforms. Through shaping advanced geospatial sciences, these studies will provide  better understandings of spatial-temporal structures and behavior interactions in human environment.

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NTU Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering 臺灣大學生物環境系統工程學系
Ph.D. (2006); MSc. (1998); BSc. (1996) 博士(D89);  碩士(R85); 學士(B81)

Working Experiences [Full time]

2017/08 - present   Professor, NTU Department of Geography 臺灣大學地理環境資源學系 教授
2013/08 - 2017/07  Associate Professor, NTU Department of Geography 灣大學地理環境資源學系 副教授
2009/08 - 2013/07  Assistant Professor, NTU Department of Geography 灣大學地理環境資源學系 助理教授
2008/02 - 2009/07  Project Assistant Professor, NTU Institute of Epidemiology 灣大學流行病學研究所 專案助理教授
2006/09 - 2008/02  Postdoctoral Fellow, Academia Sinica 中央研究院人文社會科學研究中心 博士後研究員
1998/08 - 2000/06  Military Service (Field Artillery Survey) 義務役 (陸軍野戰砲兵測量) 

Academic Services [Part time]

* Academic Directorship  * 學術行政
2021/01 - present     Director, NTU Spatial Information Research Center 臺大理學院空間資訊研究中心 主任
2018/08 - 2021/07   Chair, NTU Department of Geography 臺大地理環境資源學系 系主任 link
2014/01 - 2017/07   Division Director, NTU Global Change Research Center 臺大全球變遷研究中心 組長 link
2010/08 - 2018/07   Division Director, NTU Center for Population and Gender Studies  臺大人口與性別研究中心 組長 link
* Affiliate Faculty   * 合聘(兼任)教師
2022/02 - present     NTU Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine 臺大流行病學與預防醫學研究所 link
2021/08 - present     NTU TIGP in Earth System Science (TIGP-ESS) 大地球系統科學國際研究生學程 link
2020/08 - present     NTU Center for Teacher Education   臺大師資培育中心 link  
2013/02 - present     NTU Master Program in Statistics 臺大統計碩士學位學 link  
2009/08 - present     MOHW-NTU Infectious Disease Research and Education Center 衛福部暨臺大傳染病防治研究及教育中心 link 
2008/02 - 2009/07    Department of History, National Chengchi University 政大歷史學系 (兼任)
* NTU Faculty Representative * 臺大各級會議教師代表
2019-2021 Committee Member, NTU Campus Planning Office 臺大校園規劃小組委員
2015-2016, 2020-2021 University Affairs Council 臺大校務會議
2014, 2016, 2018-2021 College Affairs Council, NTU College of Science 臺大理學院院務會議
2018-2023 College Faculty Evaluation Committee, NTU College of Science 臺大理學院教師評審委員會
* Academic Outreach * 學術社群參與
2020/01 - present   Council Member, Chinese Federation of Surveying & Mapping 中華測繪聯合會 理事 link
2019/11 - present   Chairperson, Chinese Cartographic Association 中華民國地圖學會 理事長 link
2019/08 - 2022/08   National Committee (Chinese Taipei) of International Geographical Union 國際地理聯合會 國家委員代表 (中華臺北)  link
2018/09 - 2022/08   Council Member, Taiwan Geographic Information Society (TGIS) 臺灣地理資訊學會 理事
2018/08 - 2020/07   Open Government Data Consultation Committee, Taiwan EPA 行政院環保署 政府資料開放諮詢小組 link
2018/01 - 2019/12   MOST Grant Review Committee on Regional Science & Geography 科技部 區域研究及地理學門 複審委員
2018/01 - 2020/12   MOST Grant Review Committee on Geospatial Information Technology 科技部 空間資訊科技學門 複審委員
2017/11 - 2019/10   Secretary-General, Chinese Cartographic Association 中華民國地圖學會 秘書長 link
2017/08 - 2023/07   Executive Council Member/Supervisor, Population Association of Taiwan 臺灣人口學會 常務理事/監事 link
2017/08 - present   Council Member (as Chairperson 2019-2022), Geographical Society 中華民國地理學會 理事長  link
2016/03 - 2019/12   National Mosquito-Borne Diseases Control Research Center 國家蚊媒傳染病研究中心 防疫研究專家
* Journal Editorial Board * 學術期刊編輯
2022/01 - 2023/01   Guest Editor of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease 《熱帶醫學與傳染病》客座主編 (SCI)
2021/06 - 2021/12  Guest Editor of GeoDigital Life (2021. Vol.3) 國土資訊系統《空間數位生活》特刊主編
2020/02 - present    Editor-in-chief, Journal of Population Studies 《人口學刊》主編 (TSSCI) link
2018/08 - present    Academic Editor, PLOS ONE PLOS ONE學術主編 (SCI)
2018/03 - present    Editorial Board (Biostatistics and Methods), BMC Public Health BMC Public Health編輯委員 (SCI)
2015/09 - 2018/07   Editorial Board, Journal of Geographical Science 《地理學報》編輯委員會 (TSSCI)
2013/08 - 2017/07   Editor-in-chief, Bulletin of the Geographical Society 中華民國地理學會會刊》主編
2011/08 - 2019/07   Editorial Board/Deputy Editor, Journal of Population Studies 《人口學刊》編輯委員會/責任編輯 (TSSCI)
* Geographical Education & Promotion * 高中地理教育與推廣
2013/01 - present   College Entrance Examination Center   大學入學考試中心 (地理科)
2012/01 - present   Editorial Board for High-School Geography Textbooks   高中地理教科書 編輯團隊
2011/10 - 2018/09  Geography Olympiad Committee, Geographical Society  地理學會  地理奧林匹亞競賽委員 
* International Engagement * 國際學術參與
2019 - present  National Committee of International Geographical Union (IGU) 國際地理聯合會 國家委員代表
2019  Session Chair, International Cartographic Conference (ICC) 國際地圖學研討會 議程主持人
2017 - 2021  External Reviewer, Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong 香港研究資助局 外部審查人
2017 Committee Member for Asian Seminar in Regional Science (ASRC) 區域科學亞洲地區會議 籌備委員
2016 - 2019 Joint Research, Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo 日本東京大學 國際合作計畫
2015 Program Review Committee for Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) 電腦模擬國際研討會 議程審查委員
2013 - 2017  Program Review Committee for PNC Conference  太平洋鄰里會議 議程審查委員
2013 External Reviewer, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research  荷蘭科學研究組織 外部審查人

Awards and Honors     

2023 NTU Distinguished Teaching Award (Top 1%) 臺灣大學 教學傑出教師 link
2021 NTUH Press Conference (12.02) 臺大醫院 防疫成果記者會 |中央社|
2021 NTU Approval of Exemption from Faculty Evaluation 臺灣大學 免評鑑教師 link
2020 NTU Press Conference (05.08) 臺灣大學 校園防疫記者會 |臺大校訊|
2019 NTU Reward for Excellent Senior Teachers 臺灣大學 資深優良教師獎勵 (10年)
2018 NTU Distinguished Teaching Award (Top 1%) 臺灣大學 教學傑出教師 link | pdf
2011, 2013, 2016 NTU Excellence in Teaching Award  (Top 10%) 臺灣大學 教學優良教師 link
2016-2023 NTU Faculty Merit Pay 臺灣大學  年度績優加給 (彈性薪資)
2019-2021 NSTC Shackleton Program Grant   國科會 沙克爾頓計畫 (突破研究型)
2018 NSTC Press Conference (08.15) 國科會 研究成果發表記者會 |新聞稿|
2017.12 NSTC Future Tech Expo: Breakthrough Technology Award 國科會 未來科技突破獎 pdf
2015 NSTC Ta-You Wu Memorial Award 國科會 吳大猷先生紀念獎 link
2014-2016 NSTC Excellent Young Investigator Grant 國科會 優秀年輕學者研究計畫
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 NTU Research Awards:
journal articles; 
book chapters; overheads of grants funded
臺灣大學 學術研究績效獎勵 link
2013-2018 Recognized/Outstanding Reviewers for Elsevier's Journals:
Epidemics; Applied Geography; Environmental International;
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (CEUS); Social Science & Medicine; Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications;
Science of Total Environment and Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory
Elsevier期刊 傑出審稿 link
2006 Honor Member of the Phi-Tau-Phi Honor Society 中華民國斐陶斐學會 榮譽會員 link

     Phone: 886-2-3366-5847 (Office)
     E-mail: wenthung@ntu.edu.tw
     Mailing Address:  Room No. 501, Department of Geography, National Taiwan University, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617 Taiwan.