TWSIAM Activity Group : FreeFem++


Contact : Yao-Yu Yang
Yannick Deleuze

FreeFem++ tutorial sessions

  • A programming language for the finite element method : FreeFem++ (2 days)

    TWSIAM activity group : FreeFem++
    Time: December 3-4, 2015
    Venue: Room 308, Mathematics Research Center Building, National Taiwan University (map)
    Organizers: Y. Deleuze, T.W.H. Sheu
    Support from TWSIAM
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    Call for contributions: if you want to give a talk related to FreeFem++, or if you have a specific subject or issue to be discussed, please send a title and a short abstract to Yannick Deleuze

  • A programming language for the FEM : FreeFem++ (2 days)

    CASTS-LJLL workshop on Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
    Time: May 27-28, 2014, 3pm—6:45pm
    Location: Mathematics Research Center Building, NTU
    Organizers: M. Thiriet, Y. Deleuze, T.W.H. Sheu
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    FreeFem++ LJLL/CASTS


  • Invited talk given by Yannick Deleuze in "2013 Computational Mathematics and TWSIAM conference" (Taichung, May 31- June 2, 2013)