TWSIAM Activity Group : FreeFem++


Contact : Yao-Yu Yang
Yannick Deleuze

List of publications within the TWSIAM group

[1] Yannick Deleuze. A mathematical model of mast cell response to acupuncture needling. Comptes Rendus Mathematique, 351(3):101-105, 2013. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[2] Marc Thiriet, Yannick Deleuze, and Tony Wen-Hann Sheu. A biological model of acupuncture and its derived mathematical modeling and simulations. Communications in Computational Physics, 18(4):831-849, 2015. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[3] Yannick Deleuze, Marc Thiriet, and Tony Wen-Hann Sheu. Modeling and simulation of the interstitial medium deformation induced by the needle manipulation during acupuncture. Communications in Computational Physics, 18(4):850-867, 2015. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[4] Yannick Deleuze. Modeling and simulation of transport during acupuncture. Phd thesis, Université Pierre et Marie Curie ; National Taiwan University, 2015. [ bib | http ]
[5] Chia-Wei Chang, Chih-Yu Kuo, I-Hsien Lee, Chuen-Fa Ni, and Sheng-Wei Wang. Application of FreeFem++ to model flow and transport for contaminant site. Journal of Soil and Groundwater Remediation, 2:11-23, 2015. [ bib ]

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