Stop at Stops!

Karen Chung, Associate Professor NTU DFLL
史嘉琳 台大外文系 副教授

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Stop playlist

The Hollies: Stop, Stop, Stop
How Sweet it is ("Stop!") by James Taylor video with lyrics
Stop! by Erasure
Stop! in the Name of Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes   
Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
Who'll Stop the Rain by Credence Clearwater Revival
Bus Stop by The Hollies
Stop Stop Stop by The Hollies
Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille

TV Repair Person mp3

CET 師德 and English Island 英語島 articles on stops and linking:
1. 大師開講 — Stop at stops! —— 遇到塞音請停!
2. 連音:英語「字裡行間」的玄機 - 母音篇   

3. 連音鼻音篇:如何避免“N”G英文?  

4. 連音"y"字篇:「醬子」講哪裡不對?   

5. 連音塞音篇:STOP at STOPS! 遇到塞音請暫停!   

Also useful:

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     Ten Rules of Good Studying by Barbara Oakley  word    pdf 

Karen Chung's TEDx talk on the Echo Method
and how Empathy can help and motivate us to learn better

Karen Chung's TEDx Talk on The Echo Method
Practice text
A Lesson From My Dad    by Mary Beth M.

Word      pdf     mp3 audio reading
How you sound to others before working hard on your pronunciation
Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Tsing Hua in Beijing

What can happen if you're sloppy about your vowels?

How you sound without phrasing 斷句: Chinese  English 
With phrasing: Chinese   English

One Small Step Can Change Your Life
The Kaizen Way: One Small Step Can Change Your Life
Also: How to Build Habits & Execute Effortlessly   pdf
The Pomodoro Technique

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Reading practice with pronunciation correction

That Quail, Robert: Text (Word) That Quail, Robert
That Quail, Robert: Text (pdf)
That Quail, Robert: MP3  

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Previous practice transcriptions

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase: Yellow Horses  Homepage
Criminal Podcast: Just Mercy (excerpt)  Homepage
The Grape, from WNYC  WNYC Homepage
Drama as Rehabilitation in Prison  

Radiotopia Podcasts: Lots of high-quality podcasts!

Breaking News English – Dictation Practice (British English)

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