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Industry Liaison Office, National Taiwan University



NTU, NTUST and HPE Collaborate on Advanced Technologies Development. Academia and Industry Joint Hands to Help Taiwan Students Enter the International Arena

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) announced on January 18 a collaboration on developing advanced technology research in the cloud, Internet of Things, and 5G network. The three parties have also launched an industry-university cooperation internship program. The plan is to integrate global resources and local technological power to explore Taiwan's industry-university research and development potential, train students to broaden the international forward-looking vision, accumulate experience in participating in international projects, and expand future employment possibilities.



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Photo 1: (From the left) Jim Kuo, Vice President of Servers & Options Engineering and Taiwan COE Compute Business Group, Pai-Chi Li, VP of Office of Research and Development and Director of Industry Liaison Office, NTU Chang-Fa Yang, Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration, NTUST, kicked off the collaboration plan on advanced technology research and talent cultivation.



"HPE is honored to have the opportunity to bring rich global resources to Taiwan, and to explore infinite possibilities of industry-university cooperation through R&D and internship programs," said Jim Kuo, Vice President of Servers & Options Engineering and Taiwan COE Compute Business Group. "At the same time, the practical field experiences will help students integrate trends, theories and practices, which will gradually cultivate top scientific and technological talents, and provide the students with future career development opportunities."



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Photo 2: NTU, NTUST and HPE discussed the details and visions of the collaboration.



The continuous spread of COVID-19 has created an increasing demand for smart manufacturing, retail, etc. The rise of smart applications has not only driven enterprises' emerging needs of cloud services, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies but also produces an enormous volume of data. Faced with the rapid growth of data, companies desperately need to optimize data processing, storage, and application in memory technology, so that government agencies, manufacturing, retail, medical, and financial organizations, etc. can implement innovative transformation. Combining its global resources and NTU’s technological capability, HPE uses its powerful high-performance computing (HPC) functions, AI deep learning and HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud platform to help enterprises schedule memory resources more efficiently, securely and agilely without sacrificing the performance in response to their business needs.



Professor Pai-Chi Li, VP of Office of Research and Development and Director of Industry Liaison Office, NTU commented on this cooperation: "The joint research and development with HPE is a new starting point. Through long-term exchanges and industry-university cooperation with HPE, we look forward to comprehensive improvement in industry-university research and development energy and cultivating more outstanding talents. Global Industry Platform of NTU System has assembled several top universities, integrating cross-university and cross-field resources, and is committed to creating a positive cycle of industry-university cooperation. The collaboration between NTU and NTUST, two members of this platform, and HPE, an international company, not only enhances the research and development capabilities of industry and academia but also provides a good opportunity for outstanding talents to connect with the world."



The cooperation between HPE and NTUST focuses on innovation and application in smart industries. It is expected to give a better response to the market's emerging need of 5G, Internet of Vehicles applications, etc, which requires large capacity, low latency and multiple connections. Professor Chang-Fa Yang, Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration, NTUST, said: "Through the close connection with the industry, students can apply what they have learned and actively accumulate industry experience during their studies. After graduation, they can contribute to related industries through solid academic and industrial training. We look forward to maintaining long-term cooperation with HPE to jointly cultivate R&D talents for the industry."



In addition to R&D cooperation, HPE, NTU and NTUST also plan to sign an industry-university internship program, allowing interns to have up to 12 months of internships in HPE’s global hub for next-generation innovative technology and strategy, and join the R&D projects with an internationally renowned software development team. It helps the students to expand their global outlook, verify what they have learned, and accumulate practical experience. At the same time, there are opportunities for the students to apply their experiences gained from the internship to HPE’s future product services, promoting the growth of Taiwan’s new blood, and maximizing the benefit of cooperation. The technological cooperation and internship program between HPE, NTU and NTUST is a brand-new relationship between international manufacturers and Taiwan’s academic circles. The rich resources and forward-looking vision of multinational manufacturers, combined with the research capacity from academia, brings new potential for Taiwan’s industry-university collaboration. At the same time, it also helps the students greatly enhance and expand the potential for future career development.