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The best biotech talent forum of the year - 2018 BioGroup Symposium Industry-Academic integration series forum just kicks started!

The 2018 BioGroup Symposium series annual meeting was held on December 28th in the International Conference Hall of Building C of the National Biotechnology Research Park. The conference responded to the national biotechnology with the theme of “Biotech Innovation, Industry and Education Integration – BioHub for Bio-Entrepreneurship”. and the open of the research park.



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First of all, the meeting invited Minister Chen Liangji from the Ministry of Science and Technology to come to the scene to mention the origin of the BioGroup biotechnology talent exchange platform. It was the vice president of the National Taiwan University four years ago.



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A group of young people from the Boston Taiwan Life Technology Association (BTBA) met with him. He was able to do his part for Taiwan's biotechnology. Therefore, Minister Chen started many projects in the following year and began to link foreign biotech talents with Taiwan biotechnology talents, hoping to form a stronger team. In addition, it is hoped that the talent exchange platform will integrate resources and talent teams for industry and academic clinical research. Chen also hope that we can make good use of the resources and talents of the National Biotechnology Park to help Taiwan's biotechnology find a better way out. Finally, we encourage scholars, experts and students to work together for the development of Taiwan's biomedical science.


The session A was “Drug Development Trend”, chaired by Professor Jiang Zhigang from the National Taiwan University Biotechnology Center, and the Deputy Chief Executive Ji Weiguang of the Development Center of the Biotechnology shared the trend of new drug development; Ionis Pharmaceutical researcher shared the antisense oligonucleoside The platform for the development of acid (antisense oligonucleotide (ASO); chairman of EirGenix, Inc Liu Licheng shared the development and market trends of biosimilar drugs; TaiMed Biologics New Drug Chen Mengyu, vice president of research and development, shared novel treatment methods for AIDS patients.


The session B was “Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine”, chaired by Professor Cai Mengxun from the National Taiwan University Biotechnology Center, and with the TCI Co., Ltd Chen Yan as the chief operating officer to promote precision care through bio-integrated design and bio-mining development; Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd CEO Zhong Zunzhi shared the biomarkers for disease analysis through the Light Sensing Biometric Indicators; Hui Zhihong, General Manager of Sofiva Genomics, shared the latest developments in the application of precision medicine to maternal-fetal medicine, and the ATGENOMIX Asia-Pacific gene Zhang Mingtai CEO shared with big data. Bringing innovation in bioinformatics to genomic medicine.


The session C is "Communication and Communication between the International Biotechnology Society", hosted by the Secretary General of the PMMD Taiwan Precision Medical and Molecular Detection Industry Association, Mr. Yang Bojun, and shared by the Bluebird Bio Zhu Zhiqi Researcher Boston Boston Biotechnology Association (Boston) Origin and operation of Taiwanese Biotechnology Association, BTBA); Merck & Co Meng Xianwei shared overseas job-seeking job sharing; Wu Yifan, Ph.D. candidate for biochemistry and biophysics at the University of Texas, and Associate Professor Zhang Dianzheng from the University of Texas Health Science Center, Texas Institute of Biotechnology (Texas) Taiwanese Biotechnology Association, TTBA) and Taiwan Life Technology's opportunity to connect to the Internet in Texas; Dr. Yao Ruoqing from the University of Washington introduced the plans and related opportunities of the Midwest Taiwanese Biotechnology Association (MTBA); Julien Massiot Share with HSE AG how they enter the European-Taiwan Biotech Association (ETBA) and career development. Gliead Scicences shares the current situation and opportunities of the Bay Area Taiwanese Biotech Association (BATBA) and the Bay Area industry.


The session D was “Emerging Technology: Breakthrough and Transcendence from Immune Oncology to Regenerative Medicine”, and invited Thomas Huang, the chief operating officer of the GeneOnline gene line, as the moderator, and shared the application and development of regenerative medicine by AEON Yaen Health Doctor Wang Wei’an project manager. Trends and related clinical application cases; Director Huang Yanhua of Taipei Medical University shared the development of systemic safety allogeneic stem cell products, with special focus on aging and medical dissatisfaction; Meridigen Biotechnology CEO Lin Weili shared the practice and prospects of stem cell new drug development. Dr. Martin Sieber, Director of the BIONET CORP. Stem Cell Laboratory, shared regenerative medicine from the clinical end to the present.


The session E is "Taiwan's Biotechnology Opportunities and Challenges". The assistant CEO of Biohub Taiwan is the moderator, and the geneadata and bioinformatics are shared by Professor Zhuang Yuyu from Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, National Taiwan University. Key elements; Researcher Chen Zhicheng of the Taiwan Animal Consortium introduced the National Integrated Mouse Phenotype and Efficacy Analysis Center of the only mouse clinic in Taiwan; Director Zhang Jiarong of Reber Genetic Co, Ltd. shared the epidemic disease of pigs and how to control them through innovative immunotherapy; Genomics You Zhuoyuan Chairman shared the selection of good breeding pigs and hogs through genomic analysis and big data analysis.



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The session F is “Investment Profitability and Global Strategy: How to Go from Research to Commercialization”, hosted by David Peng, Executive Director of the National Taiwan University Industrial Liaison Office; and shared by Shen Zhilong, head of Taiwania Capital investment opportunities in biotechnology industry; Acorn Campus Taiwan partner Zhai Zhihao shared the investment evaluation model of venture capital for biomedical start-ups; Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.  Chen Xuhui, deputy general manager shared the value of biotech companies to attract investment; Hong Shuohong, co-founder of MedJade, shared the auxiliary system for the analysis of the efficacy of depression; Professor Ye Kaiwen from the Institute of Plant Biology, National Taiwan University shared the innovative breeding of the Wenxinlan industry in Taiwan; Assistant Professor Wang Yaoxian of the International Center for Wound Repair and Regeneration of the National Cheng Kung University shared the skin collagen The application of protein in wound healing dressings. Professor Zeng Yufeng from Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, National Taiwan University. shared the process and experience of SPARK from research to business.


The session G is “From Taiwan to the World”. The CEO of BioHub Taiwan Ding Shitong introduced the development of BioHub Taiwan in Nangang Biotechnology Park and David Peng, Executive Director of the National Taiwan University Industrial Liaison Office, and shared the introduction and future of the International Association of Industry and Technology of Taiwan University.