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Welcome to the Ecology & Conservation Laboratory (ECL) at the Dept.Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering from the National Taiwan University!

Fresh water is a fundamental constituent of life and is essential to a wide range of economic activities. However, less than 0.01% of the world's water is easily accessible in lakes and rivers. As a consequence of extensive economic development and rapid population growth, our demand for fresh water is increasing correspondingly. In addition to utilising our freshwater resources carefully, we need better management for the freshwater systems, development better understanding of the freshwater ecosystems for effective conservation and restoration purposes.

Research interests of ECL mainly focus on freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes and wetlands) including:

  1. Patterns, processes and functions of the ecosystems

  2. Biodiversity conservation

  3. Ecological restoration

  4. Ecological consequences to natural/ anthropogenic environmental changes

  5. River flow and reservoir management - environmental flow regimes

  6. Linking land and water

  7. Biomonitoring, ecological risk assessment management

  8. Developing strategic data and knowledge at catchment and regional scales




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Welcome to ECL!
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