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  Jiang-Jen Lin, Director
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Polymeric surfactants, Nanomaterials, Functional Polymers, Surface Active Agents
  Ching-I Huang
Polymer Physics, Computer Simulations of the Polymer Phase Transition, Polymer Structure Analysis, Scattering Technology

Ru-Jong Jeng
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Opto-electronic Polymers, Nano-scale Polymers, Organic/inorganic Hybrids

  Guey-Sheng Liou
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Specialty Chemical Technology for Semiconductors, Optical Polymers
  Wen-Chang Chen
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Specialty Chemical Technology for Semiconductors , Optical Polymers
  Chao-Hsun Chen
Phone : 886-2-3366-5682     E-mail :
Fracture mechanics, micromechanics and polymeric composite materials
  Li-Jen Chen
Phone :
886-2-2362-3296     E-mail :
Wetting Transition in Surfactant Systems , Molecular Simulations
  Yan-Ping Chen
Phone : 886-2-2366-1661     E-mail :
Phase Equilibrium Calculations and Experiments Process , Simulations and Computations
  Wen-Yen Chiu
Phone :
886-2-2362-3259     E-mail :
Emulsion Polymerization, Living Free Radical Polymerization, Biodegradable polymers
  Chi-An Dai
Phone : 886-2-2364-3378     E-mail :
Polymer Materials, Polymer Physics and Interface, Structure Properties Relationship
  Kuo-Chuan Ho
Phone: 886-2-2366-0739     E-mail :
Nano Thin Film Electrochemistry, Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials, Molecularly Imprinted Polymers, Electrochromic Materials and Devices

Kuo-Huang Hsieh
Phone : 886-2-2362-7688     E-mail :
Synthesis of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks and their Polymeric Composites, Synthesis and Characterization of Biomedical Polymeric Materials, Conducting Polymeric Materials

  Eric Lee
886-2-2362-2530     E-mail :
Polymeric Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Vapor Depostion
  Man-Kit Leung
Phone: 886-2-2363-5462     E-mail :
1. Conductive polymers and light emitting
2. Cooperative binding behavior of ureyleno compounds.
3.Synthesis of multi-pyridyl complexes.

4.Heterogeneous catalysts.

Wen-Bin Liau
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Polymer physics, Molecular modeling, Mechanical & dielectric relaxation, polymer blends

  King-Fu Lin
Phone : 886-2-2392-8290     
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Polymer Chemistry, Polymeric thermodynamics, Physical properties of polymer, Optoelectronic polymers, Polymer composites
  Tien-Yau Luh
Phone : 886-2-2789-8696    886-2-2363-6288     E-mail :
New synthetic methodology, Polymeric opto-electronic materials.

Yu-Jane Sheng
Phone : 886-2-2366-0454       E-mail :
Molecular simulations of the thermophysical properties of polymers and composites, Development of statistical mechanics-based equation of state for polyatomic molecules, Studies of the dynamical properties of polymers in dilute solutions

  Wei-Fang Su
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Organic & in-organic polymer synthesis, Electrical-optical materials, Thin-film fabrication
  Da-Ming Wang
: 886-2-2366-0433     E-mail :
Membrane separation technology, Preparation of polymeric membranes, Biomaterials and Drug controlled release
  Lee-Yih Wang
Phone : 886-2-3366-5276     E-mail :
Optoelectronic molecular nanomaterials,
Conducting polymer-based solar cells and biosensors, Hyperbranched polymeric materials, Organic-inorganic hybrid
  Shi-Chern Yen
Phone : 886-2-3366-3037  E-mail :
Electrochemical Engineering, Wastewater and Soil Treatments, Spinning Processes in Electronic Materials Processing
  Tai-Horng Young
Phone : 886-2-2312-3456 ext. 1455     E-mail :
Tissue engineering, nano-materials, Biomedical polymer


  Shih-Huang Tung
Phone: 886-2-33665319      E-mail :
Complex fluids and Block copolymer thin films