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The institute performs not only fundamental polymer research to understand the basics of the polymer materials and but also to expand the application development to the industry. In the past twenty years, the research emphases and performed programs are listed in the following:

I. Synthesis, structural and performance analysis of polymer for microelectronic devices and communication devices

1. Synthesis of Deep UV photoresists
2. Low dielectric constant polymer
3. Spin coating processable SOG polymer
4. IC encapsulation epoxy resins
5. High temperature resistant printed circuit boards
6. Gradient refractive index polymeric optical fibers and lenses.
7. Polymeric optical waveguides

II. Design, synthesis and application of polymer-inorganic hybrid materials

1. Nanocomposites
2. Dental restorative materials
3. High refractive index materials
4. Optical waveguides
5. Photonic crystals
6. Core-shell polymeric particles

III. Design, synthesis and application of advanced organic optical, electronic, magnetic materials

1. Nonlinear optical polymers
2. Electrically conductive conjugated polymers
3. Organic magnetic material
4. Opto-electrically conducting materials
5. High response time liquid crystalline polymer
6. Light emitting conjugated polymers
7. C60 Polymers

IV. Design, synthesis and performance analysis of biomaterials

1. Artificial vein, artery
2. Artificial heart and heart valve
3. Artificial knee, cartilage

V. Preparation and characterization of smart polymer materials

1. Memory polymer
2. Ferroelectric polymer
3. Polymer composites containing embedded optical fiber sensors

VI. Synthesis and reaction mechanism of high performance polymers

1. Naphthalene based engineering plastics
2. Liquid crystalline thermosetting polymer
3. Polyamides from interfacial polycondensation
4. Polysulfones
5. Polyetheretherketone
6. Cyanate esters and maleic imides system

VII. Preparation, structural analysis and processing principle of high performance composite materials

1. Impact resistant reactive cyanate ester processing control and monitoring
2. Modified epoxy resin system
3. Polypropylene-glass fiber reinforced system
4. Investigation of composite micro-damages
5. Modified maleic anhydride system with improved fracture toughness
6. Durability study of composite material

VIII. Numerical modeling of polymerization, structural formation and process control of polymers

1. Reaction kinetic study of surfactant free emulsion polymerization
2. Synthesis, kinetics and reheology of emulsion polymerization of interpenetrating system
3. Optimization of process control of polymerization
4. Crystalline structure of polydifluoroethylene
5. Dielectric relaxations of polymers

IX. Rheology and thermodynamics of polymers and polymer blends

1. Thermodynamic properties of polymer blends
2. Rheology of polymeric suspension solution
3. Rheology and mechanical properties of polyether ketone and its blends
4. Crystalline behavior of polyblends

X. Molecular modeling and polymer interface science and technology