Oral Training II Spring 2004
Language Center y夤 239
Tuesdays 10:20am-12:10pm
Instructor: Karen S. Chung

     There will be 17 classes this semester.

     Routine work: You will recite and learn a poem, mark your listening assignment, and receive the new listening assignment every class during first hour. Note that this syllabus is subject to change.

     Click here for the Poems for Memorization handout for Spring 2004; click here for the poetry handout in Word format suitable for printing out (3 pages).
     Click here for the About Poetry: English Prosody Plus Selected Literary Terms handout. (Refer to this for definitions of terms like iambic, doggerel, and synaesthesia.)

     Oral Training II Play Outlines here.

     Please visit the class discussion board (now on the Ceiba 4 system) often.

     February 17:
Hand in listening homework, outline of play idea.
     Listening assignment: Choose, listen to, write a brief summary on a program from the archives of Radio RTÉ Ireland. URL: http://www.rte.ie/radio1/archive/
     Prepare: Poem: "Conundrums" by D. H. Lawrence; Play outlines (by e-mail); title, author of book for oral book report, to be handed in next class; NTU News.

     February 24: Go over final exam questions from last semester. Turn in book title for oral report.
     Listening assignment: I Love Lucy: Breaking the Lease

     Prepare: Poem: "Antimatter" by Russell Edson. Print out play ideas, choose five favorites to vote for next class. Turn in three poems for poetry reading: one English/American (etc.); one in Chinese, translated by you into English; one original one, written by you. Next class: impromptu speeches.

     March 2: Turn in poems. Vote on play ideas. NTU News.
     Listening assignment: Monologue by Ellen DeGeneres
     Prepare: Poem: "Reply Letter" by Fred Chappell. Impromptu speeches. Oral book report. Start writing plays.

     March 9: Poem choices will be returned. NTU News.
     Listening Assignment: How To Find a Husband after Thirty-five
     Prepare: Poem: "Bloody Men" by Wendy Cope. Oral book report. Poetry reading. Play writing.

     March 16: 3-minute impromptu speeches.
     Listening assignment: WHYY 91FM Been There/Done That with Marty Goldensohn; choose a program from the archives, write a summary of it, and give your reactions to it.
     Prepare: Poem: "Water is Taught by Thirst" by Emily Dickinson. Oral book report. Poetry reading. Play writing.

March 23: Oral book reports. Hand in drafts of plays. Two make-up impromptu speeches: Sharon and Bryant.
     Listening assignment: Choose and listen to a radio mystery play from:
and write a summary of it and your reaction to it.
     Prepare: Poem: "I'm Happiest When Most Away" by Emily Brontë. Oral book report. Poetry reading. Turn in scores for impromptu speeches.

     March 30: Oral book reports. Impromptu speech feedback.
     Listening assignment: Choose an audio news report of the BBC World Service at:
on a country other than Taiwan and the United States; summarize the report and give your reaction to it.
Also watch: Comedy Central: "Made in Taiwan", a comedy monologue based on the recent presidential election in Taiwan; featured on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, at:
     Prepare: Poem: "A Time to Talk" by Robert Frost. Oral book reports. Poetry reading. Play revising.

     April 6: Oral book reports.
     Listening assignment: Popular song: "Between" by Vienna Teng
     Prepare: Poem: "To X " by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Oral book reports. Poetry reading. Play scripts.

April 13: Oral book reports.
     Listening assignment: Oprah Winfrey: After the Show Choose a video from Oprah's "After the Show" menu; watch it and write a summary of the content and your reaction to it.
     Prepare: Poem: "Talking in Bed" by Philip Larkin. Oral book reports. Poetry reading. Play scripts.

     April 20: Last Oral book reports. Discussion of oral book report assignment.
     Listening assignment: Choose, report on, and give your reactions to an audio report from Chicago Public Radio WBEZ:
or Chicago Public Radio WBEZ's "This American Life":
     Prepare: Poem: "Winter Trees" by William Carlos Williams. Poetry reading. Play scripts.

     April 27: Poetry reading practice; work on play scripts.
     Listening assignment: Choose an audio interview with an author and/or a reading from a book from the Author Interviews and Readings index of the "Books" section of the New York Times online; you will need to register (it's free) if you haven't already. Write a summary of the interview and/or reading you choose and your reactions. If you choose just a reading, do a Google search and find out something about the author and include it in your summary.
     Prepare: Poem: "People" by D. H. Lawrence; three suggestions for a discussion topic.

     May 4: Poetry reading.
     Listening assignment: Find an audio or video file on the Internet on an interesting topic suitable for a listening assignment and under 10 minutes, and create a listening exercise based on it. Prepare a vocabulary list and 10-15 listening comprehension questions, including one or two thought questions.
     Prepare: Poem: "On a Night of Snow" by Elizabeth Coatsworth.

     May 11: Make-up poetry readings: Jack, Bryant, Naomi. Discussion, evaluation of poetry reading and oral book review assignments.
     Listening assignment: Choose an audio file on history; some sources available here. Summarize the content and write your reaction to it. The entire essay should not be longer than one typewritten A4 page with 1.5 spacing.
     Prepare: Poem: "Old Celery" by Mark Yakich; class discussion: Fortunetelling. Plays. Make sure you've e-mailed me your original poem.

     May 18: Class discussion: Fortunetelling.
     Listening assignment: Listen to, summarize and write your reactions to a short story; you may choose an audio file from the Internet, or a tape or CD from the library or other source.
Poem: "The Widow" by Julio Cortázar, translated by Paul Blackburn; first rehearsal of your plays next Tuesday.

     May 25: Rehearsal of play performances.
     Listening assignment: Find an audio file with an interview or discussion on art; summarize and give your reactions.
Poem: "Dark House" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

     June 1: Play performances.
     Listening assignment: Listen to, summarize and give your reactions to an audio file on some aspect of science; if you did not do a report on the visual arts or architecture last week, so that this week instead of a science topic.
     Prepare: Poem: "New Every Morning" by Susan Coolidge.

     June 8: Play performance.