Listening exercise
Popular song: Between
by Vienna Teng vhY

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Tasks and questions:
1. Transcribe the lyrics of this song. Many of the words are not enunciated very clearly – I couldn't understand many myself – so use the vocabulary below to help you. When you've done your best, find the lyrics on the Internet, and correct your transcription with a different colored pen or font.
2. What is the significance of the title in the context of this song? What is the "third one"?
3. What has happened in this relationship, based on the lyrics of the song?
4. What are some of the signs of trouble in the relationship as described in the song?
5. Find some examples of antithesis in the lyrics of this song.
6. Make a list of metaphors used in this song. Which are borrowed from music? What do these music metaphors mean in the context of this song?
7. What is your reaction to this song?

to lie entwined
to make room for
to draw back
in our minds
threatening to
to spill into words
to be sure of
the bond
were enough
to move along
to replace

no pleasing drama
averted eyes
to die
there's no denying
we do
what once was
to fear
to swallow

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