Oral Training II Fall 2002
Audio-Visual Building 201
Tuesdays 10:10am-12 noon
Instructor: Karen S. Chung

     There will be 16 classes this semester.

     Routine work: You will recite and learn a poem, mark your listening assignment, and receive the new listening assignment every class during first hour; these are not listed separately below. Note that this syllabus is subject to change.

     Click here for the Poems for Memorization handout for Fall 2002.
     Click here for the About Poetry: English Prosody Plus Selected Literary Terms handout. (Refer to this for definitions of terms like iambic, doggerel, and synaesthesia.)

    Send an e-mail message to the instructor containing a quote and the name of its author. We will collect the addresses for a class e-mail list for everybody's use.
     Please visit the class discussion board often.

     September 17: Introduction; poetry; practice passage for reading aloud: note stresses and intonation. From: The New York Times, September 15, 2002 "Relishing Beautiful New Freedoms in Kabul" by John F. Burns Kabul, Afghanistan, Sept. 14
     Listening assignment: A Moment of Science (II) : (1) Take a Hike and Improve Your Memory and (2) Laughter is a Social Signal?
     Prepare: Passage for reading aloud. Bring correctly labeled blank 90-minute cassette tape. Prepare clean joke to tell.

     September 24: Read passage aloud to class. Collect blank cassette tapes.
     Listening assignment: A Moment of Science (III) : (1) Smells and Colors and (2) The Color of the Universe
Prepare joke to tell to class. Prepare outline of skill presentation outline. Choose partner, movie for oral review.

     October 1: Submit skill presentation outline. Oral reading.
     Listening assignment: The New York Times: Seafood Salad
     Prepare: Skill presentation. Choose partner and movie.

     October 8: Oral reading.
     Listening Assignment:
The Mayo Clinic II  Videos: (1) Capsule endoscopy and (2) All about an allergy test
     Prepare: Skill presentation; movie review.

     October 15: Oral reading.
     Listening assignment: Lives of the Writers (I): Jane Austen
     Prepare: Skill presentation, movie review.

22: Joke telling; first skill presentation.
     Listening assignment: Lives of the Writers (II): Charlotte and Emily Brontë
     Prepare: Ghost story without written notes: practice! Skill presentation and movie review.

     October 29: Tell ghost story.
     Listening assignment: Steve Chandler: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever
     Prepare: Skill presentation and movie review.

     November 5: Skill presentation.
     Listening assignment: Putting Things Away by Amanda McBroom
     Prepare: Skill presentation, movie review.

12: Skill presentation.
     Listening assignment:
Joseph Campbell: The Hero's Adventure
     Prepare: Skill presentation, movie review.

     November 19: Skill presentation.
     Listening assignment: The Dobelle Implant and Seeing with Sound
     Prepare: Movie review; movie dialogue.

     November 26: Skill presentation; evaluation and comments.
     Listening assignment: Ask Dr. Laura (3)
     Prepare: Movie review.

     December 3: Movie review.
     Listening assignment:
Mutant Message Down Under
     Prepare: Movie review; choose novel for oral review for next semester; prepare Christmas carol lyrics.

     December 10: Movie review; evaluation and comments; submit novel choice.
     Listening assignment: Sting: I'm so happy I can't stop crying
     Prepare: Movie review.

     December 17: Movie review.
     Prepare: Movie review; Christmas carol lyrics; choose topic for class discussion on January 7.

     December 24: Decide on discussion topic for Dec. 31. Learn and sing Christmas carols in various languages.
     Listening assignment: The Nine Billion Names of God (I)
to have a Merry Christmas! Discussion notes.

     December 31: Movie review.
     Listening assignment: The Nine Billion Names of God (II)
     Prepare: Pronunciation summary: past, present, and future.

     January 7: Hand in pronunciation summary; last-day-of-class activity.

     Winter break assignments: (1) write outline of play; (2) choose one English/American poem, one Chinese poem to translate, and write one original poem yourself; (3) read and prepare review on novel; (4) listening assignment: BBC interview with Ray Charles