Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics (經濟學原理與實驗一)


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NTU (Fall 2015)

Course Syllabus

Office Hours: Friday 12:10-1:10pm after class, or by email appointment at Social Science Building (頤賢館) Room 754

Classroom and Time:

Lectures: Friday 9:10am-12:10pm at Liberal Education Classroom Building Room 103  (博雅教學館103教室)

Review Sessions: Monday 10:20am-12:10am at same classroom, by TA  林宣文 (r03323044 "at"

Textbook and References:

Course outline:

 1.  [ 9 /14] Ten Principles of Economics (notes1, blog1; Ch. 1[4e], Ch. 1[5e]) [Note special date!]
Experiment 1: The LUPI Game (Results: 07F, 08F, 09F, 10F, 12F, 13F-HSS, 15F)
          Ten Principles of Economics, Translated - by Yoram Bauman (Transcript; 10th Anniversary Ed.)

 2.  [ 9 /18] Production Possibility Frontier and Gains from Trade (notes2 and notes3, blog2 and blog3; Ch. 2[4e], Ch. 3[5e])
 Experiment 2: Gains from Trade (Results: 07F, 08F, 09F, 10F, 15F)
        Videos: Why Politicians Don't Cut Spending, Opportunity Cost, and Trade Creates Wealth.

 3.  [ 9 /25] Supply and Demand (notes4, blog4; Ch. 4[6e], Ch. 4[7e])
 Experiment 3: Seeing the Invisible Hand (Results: 07F, 08F, 09F, 13F-HSS, 15F@p.12)
        WSJ reading: Nasdaq Fresh Market Failure, Nasdaq Facebook Problem,
How NYSE really works, and How BATS ruined its own IPO.

 4.  [10/ 2 ] Elasticity; "Fixing" the Market? Bad Idea! (notes5 and notes6, blog5 and blog6)
 Experiment 4: Price Control (Results: 07F, 08F, 09F, 15F@p.7)

 5.  [10/12] Markets and Welfare: Application to Taxation (notes7 and notes8, blog7 and blog8)  [Note special date!]
 Experiment 5: Taxation (Results: 07F, 08F, 09F)

 6.  [10/19] Markets and Welfare: Application to Trade (notes9, blog9; Ch. 9[4e])  [Note special date!]
Experiment 6: International Trade (based on Law of One Price; Results: 09F)

 •   [10/26] Quiz 1

 7.  [10/30] Classical Market Failure: Externalities (notes10, blog10)
Experiment 7: Public Goods Game (Results: 07F, 08F)
        Read how Anonymity Affects Donation and
Private Production of Public Goods.

 8.  [11/ 6 ] Tradable Permit Market
    Experiment 8: A Tradable Permit Market (Past Results: 07F, 08F)

 •   [11/13] Midterm (3 hours: 9:10-12:10) - Ch.1-10
Old Midterms: 14F, 13F, 12F, 10F, 09F, 08F, 07F, Sample

 9.  [11/16] Classical Market Failure: Public Goods and Common Resources (notes11, blog11[Note special date!]
       Read about The Economics of Spam

10.  [11/20] Cost of Production (notes13, blog13)
        See What the Firm Should Do.

11. [11/23] Competitive Markets (notes14, blog14)  [Note special date!]
         Experiment 9: Bargaining and Perfect Competition (Results: 08F, 08F-MA)

12. [12/ 4 ] Monopoly (notes15, blog15)
Experiment 10: Monopoly, Cartel, and Price Discrimination (Results: 07F, 07Faudience)
 Read Why Regulate Utilities?

 •   [12/11] Special Lecture: Frontiers of Behavioral Law and Economics by Cass Sunstein at Academia Sinica [Note special location!]
10-12pm at Sinica's Activity Center Conference RM 1 (中研院學術活動中心二樓第一會議室).
        More details of the talk and related events are here.  Notes from your TA is here.

13. [12/14] Monopolistic Competition (notes16, blog16)
Experiment 11: A Price & Quantity Market (Results: 07F)

14. [12/18] Oligopoly (Ch. 17, blog17)
         Experiment 12: Duopoly (07F results)
        Read about
Possible Price-fixing by Taiwan CPC and FPC.

15. [12/25] Factor Markets, Wage Differentials and Discrimination (notes18 and notes19, blog18 and blog19)
         Experiment 13: Screening and Educational Signaling (in slides)
         Experiment 15: Labor Market Bargaining

 •   [ 1 / 4 ] Quiz 2

16. [ 1 / 8 ] Frontiers of (Micro-)Economics (notes22, blog22)
Experiment 14: Location, Location, Location! (Results: 07F)

 •   [ 1 /15] Final Exam (3 hours: 9:10-12:10) - Cumulative, but focuses on the second half (Ch. 11, 13-19, 22).
         Old Finals: 14F, 13F, 12F, 10F, 09F, 08F, 07F

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