Application and Registration

First Step: Application – Starting from 2020/3/18, online application is available.

  1. This program is open for application a year before the course starts. If you are interested, please submit your application as soon as possible. It is possible that the application is closed before the deadline because the capacity is full.

  2. Course calendar:Schedule and Fees

  3. For application, please do Online Registration upload your passport personal information page and prescribed medical examination report and pay the application fee online by deadline.

Second Step: Online registration

  1. Once you get accepted, registration exactly during prescribed timefor payment and placement test (test only for those with previous Chinese language knowledge). If you do not complete the registration, your qualification/enrollment in the season will be cancelled directly without further notification.

  2. Those with previous Chinese language knowledge or background shall take a placement test(a written test and an oral test). Those without previous Chinese language knowledge or background do not need the test.

  3. We will decide class time. Students cannot choose their class time.Though we will ask students’ preference of time, it is for reference only.

Final Step: Attending the class

  1. After you complete the registration, the class arrangement result (including class time, classroom, teacher and the textbook/level) will be posted on our website “News” and the notice boards in our Language Center, around 06:00pm on the coming Thursday (the Thursday before the class start day). Please check it by yourself and attend the class on time.

  2. Once you know your class arrangement and the textbook you use, you may buy the textbooks in our office. (Textbooks cost about NTD1,200.)

  3. Please go to your classroom directly and attend the class on time on the first day of class. (Classrooms are located on the Language Center :Location)