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Research Labs

Nano-BioMEMS LabChih-Kung LEE, Wen-Jong WUESOE R109
Environmental Physics Lab Wu-Ting TSAIESOE R266
Vibration LabWei-Shien HWANGESOE R102
Vibration and Ultrasound LabChia-Chi SUNGESOE R102
Electronics and Photonics LabWen-Jeng HSUEHESOE R115A
Acoustics LabChao-Nan WANGESOE R118
Underwater Acoustics Lab Chi-Fang CHENESOE R101
Intelligent Processing LabChao-Lung TING, Chien-Kang HUANGESOE R125A
Underwater Vehicle LabJen-Hwa GUOESOE R135
Advanced Fluid Power Control Lab Mao-Hsiung CHIANG ESOE R139
Information and Network Application LabRay-I CHANGESOE R125A
Computational Fluid Dynamics LabShiu-Wu CHAUESOE R119
Opto-Mechatronics LabWen-Jong WUESOEⅡ R301
Nanophotonics and Nanoelectronics Lab Jia-Han LIESOE R112
High Efficiency Circuits and Systems LabJau-Horng CHENESOE R101A
High Power Devices and Circuits LabKung-Yen LEEESOE R116
Offshore Structure and Mooring Engineering LabKai-Tung MAESOE R125
Fluid Dynamics LabHsi-Heng DAIESOEⅡ R304
Advanced Structures & Materials Lab Hsin-Haou HUANGESOE R104
Computational Knowledge LabChien-Kang HUANGESOE R125A
Scientific Computing and Intelligent Learning LabHerng-Hua CHANG ESOE R114A
Corrosion and Electrochemical LabYueh-Lien LEEESOEⅡ R303
Nano-Photonics, Plasmonics & Metadevices LaboratoryHui-Hsin HSIAOESOE R108B
Water Wave and Environmental Fluid Mechanics Research LabHong-Yueh LOESOE R113
Ship and Marine Structures LabShun-Han YANGESOE R117A
Ship Model Basin Lab Tsung-Yue LINESOE R41
System Design Lab Yen-Ting CHENESOE R127A