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2. The American 'tap' and Canadian raising
(with video demonstration by Avril Lavigne)

Airstream mechanisms and phonation types

Ejectives, implosives and clicks

Trills, L2 accent, and e-mail discussion lists

Reviewing Chapter 7: Place and Manner of Articulation

7. Trills again - and /r/

8. Fundamental frequency and harmonics
(with toy)

9. Vowels and Formants I: Resonance
(with soy sauce bottle demonstration)

10. Vowels and Formants II
(with duck call demonstration)

11. Getting ready to learn about decibels: a tutorial on logarithms

12. Understanding Decibels (PowerPoint slide show)

13. The Case of the Missing Fundamental (with audio demonstration)

14. Forry, wrong number!
I: The frequency ranges of speech and hearing

15. Forry, wrong number! II: Fun links from "A Moment of Science"

16. White noise, pink noise???

17. Hearing with your eyes: The McGurk Effect (with videos)

18a. Seeing with your ears: Peter Meijer's vOICe I

18b. Seeing with your ears: Peter Meijer's vOICe II (with applet for drawing soundscapes)

19. Vowels and Formants III: Formants for fun and profit (with samples of exotic music)

20. Getting into spectrograms: Some useful links

21. Other ways to visualize sound signals

22. Advanced speech analysis tools I: SFS

23. Advanced speech analysis tools II: Praat and more

24. Daniel Jones's cardinal vowels  Peter Ladefoged's cardinal vowels  Danish vowels 1
Danish vowel practice 2   Danish vowels 3 with more details   Danish consonants   Danish soft "d"

25. Synthesizing vowels online

26. Two overviews of Cantonese phonology: Use symbols from: 1  Hear sound files at: 2

27. 20KHz Podcast: Forensic Audio: Update on Ladefoged p. 214 re formant-based voice ID

Peter Ladefoged's "A Course in Phonetics" (5th edition)

Vowels and Consonants site

Obituary for Peter Ladefoged by Ian Maddieson

The California Report Magazine: Disappearing Languages (audio)
The late UCLA professor Peter Ladefoged was the Indiana Jones of spoken language.

UCLA Phonetics Lab Language Archive
Recordings of hundreds of languages from around the world.

The International Phonetics Association
IPA consonant and vowel charts from the International Phonetic Association

i2Speak Convenient IPA character input

IPA character input keyboard

LINGUIST list: The International Phonetic Alphabet keyboard

Online IPA symbol editor page

Audio recordings for William A. Smalley's

Manual of Articulatory Phonetics (MOAP)

Lessons in prosody
Based on William A. Smalley's
Manual of Articulatory Phonetics (MOAP)

by Peter Gilles and Anne Catherine Simon

Dictation practice

BOOK NOOK: A list of books for further reading in phonetics

EnglishCentral: Automatic online pronunciation correction
Learn English while watching videos! You are ONE CLICK away from learning English.
Our unique speech recognition platform allows you to practice SPEAKING with any video
you choose and then get INSTANT FEEDBACK on how well you are doing.

Speech and hearing resources
collected by Judith Maginnis Kuster

The Fantastic Voyage
See the vocal folds in action close up

Scientific American: The Human Instrument
How Does The Singer's Voice Produce Those Amazing Sounds?
Sound Clips

Mel Blanc's vocal folds

Tutorials - Voice Production
National Center for Voice and Speech, The Voice Problem Website

Joaquim Llisterri's phonetics resources - plentiful and impressive

George Dillon's (UW) phonetics resources

Vastavox's Internet Resources for Voice and Speech Professionals

Peter Roach's Phon2: Phonetics Beyond the Basics
Phon 2 is an online phonetics course aimed at students
who already have an understanding of basic phonetics
and who wish to study phonetics at a more advanced level

Peter Roach's A Little Encyclopaedia of Phonetics

Speech Internet Dictionary
by John Maidment

John Wells' phonetics blog and homepage (UCL)

Teaching of Phonetics e-mail discussion list
Post to:

fonetiks newsletter

More on ToBI

Ethnologue language name index How we hear

More links here

Opening of: Black Beauty, read by Angela Rippon for RP practice (.rm format)
Karen Chung's version of the spectrogram on Ladefoged p. 201
(Word file)
Chinese text for Romanization and IPA practice
Previous exercise
You've Got Mail transcription

Four-task exercise: 1. compound noun stress;
2. [s] or [z]? 3. syllable count and schwa elision and 4. deaspirated /sp/, /st/, and /sk/

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