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CIE5048 地工合成材之應用(研究所) [Syllabus]
Application of Geosynthetics (Graduate Level) 
Introduction of the type, function and application of geosynthetics, properties and test methods of geosynthetics, soil-geosynthetic interaction, design method and theory, construction and quality control, analysis and performance of reinforced soil structures under static and seismic conditions.

CIE7003 大地工程專題討論(研究所) [Syllabus]
Geotechnical Engineering Seminar (Graduate Level) 
A series of lectures on the current issues of geotechnical engineering in academic research or industrial practice.
Compilation of effective summary reports and abstracts, evaluation of motivations and objectives in geotechnical research, scope and organization of research reports, critical evaluation of the literature; presentation of research results, analysis of results, Compilation of conclusions.

CIE3026 土壤力學(大學部) [Syllabus]
Soil Mechanics (Undergraduate Level) 
Basic characteristics of geological materials, soil classifications, physical, mechanical, and hydraulic properties, the effective stress principle, seepage, consolidation, stress distribution, settlement analysis, shear strength.

CIE3028 基礎工程(大學部) [Syllabus]
Foundation Engineering (Undergraduate Level)
Geotechnical design of shallow foundations, retaining structures, deep excavations and deep foundations. Coverage includes analyses of bearing capacity, settlement, pressure diagram and field tests of various foundation types.

CIE2006 材料力學(大學部) [Syllabus]
Mechanics of Materials (Undergraduate Level)
Tension, compression and shear, axial loaded members, torsion, shear forces and bending moments, stresses in beams, deflections of beams, statistically indeterminate beams, columns, analysis of stress and strain.

CIE2012 工程材料與土壤力學試驗(大學部)
Engineering Materials and Soil Mechanics Lab (Undergraduate level)
Laboratory tests on physical and engineering properties of construction material including steel, concrete and soil.


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