2020: Outstanding Research Paper Award, The Catalysis Society of Taiwan

2018: Yang Bing-Yan Chair Professor, College of Eng., National Taiwan University (2018-2020)

2016: Outstanding Engineering Professor, Chinese Institute of Engineers

2014: Distinguished Research Professor, National Taiwan University

2012: Award for National Industrial Innovation, Outstanding Cross-Sector Collaboration

2011: Dong-Yuan Green Tech Silver Awards

2009: Lai Tzai-Der award of Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers

2006: Chemical Technology Award, Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers

2004: Silver medal of National Invention, Taiwan

2004: Outstanding Research Achievement, National Taiwan University Invited Speakers at the International Conferences

2019: The 8th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis, APCAT-8, Bangkok, Thailand

2018: 16 th Japan-Taiwan Joint Symposium on Catalysis, Kyoto, Japan.

2018: Chinese Symposium on Photocatalytic Materials, Wuhan, China

2017: 2nd International Workshop on Graphene and C3N4 Photocatalysts, Wuhan, China

2016: Asian Standardization for Photocatalytic Material and Products Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand

2015: Gordon Research Conference, West Dover, VT, USA

2015: 19th Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Romania

2015: EPSRC Solar Fuels Network 3rd UK Solar Fuels Symposium, Edinburgh, UK

2014: Chemeca Conference, Perth, Western Australia

2014: 14th National Solar Energy and Photochemistry/Photocatalysis conference, Harbin, China


Publications: Original SCI papers: >130, Book chapter: 1, Reviews: 1, textbook: 1

Total number of citations from Web of Science: 6281, H-index = 45 (July 2020)


Editorships and Editorial Board Memberships:

Editor: Catalysis Communications

Editorial Boards: Applied Catalysis A: General; Chemical Engineering Journal

Guest Editor: Catalysis Today, Special issues, Catalysis for New Energy Resources & Environmental Protection, 2004; Challenges for Changing Catalysis in Asia, 2010


Current research interests

• Photoreduction of CO2 with H2O to fuel

• Photocatalytic water splitting for H2 production

• Photocatalytic selective catalytic reduction of NOx air pollutant

• Photocatalytic oxidation of VOCs in air pollutant

• Biodiesel synthesis using solid acidic catalysts