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Who We Are

Welcome to CSY Structural Biology and Photobiology Lab at

Department of Biochemical Science and Technology (BST)

National Taiwan University

# 我們是在國立臺灣大學生化科技系的結構與感光生物學實驗室。

# 按一鍵,全盤瞭解我們在做什麼:

What We Do

Our lab dedicates in studying:

1. Proteins involve in photobiology of all life forms.  

2. G-protein signaling in plant and higer life form.

3. Biomimicry using light-triggered proteins.

4. Microbial rhodopsins application in Biotechnology

Currently, microbial photoreceptors are our main focus.

# 主要研究的方向,是以微生物的感光蛋白質,或更正確地說,是微生物的「眼睛」,來做基礎生理和令人驚喜連連的生化、生物科技、生命科學、生物醫學應用。

# 想像力是唯一的限制範圍。

Tech We Use

The technology adopted for our study include:

  • General microbiology culture and assays
  • Membrane and soluble protein mutation, expression, purification
  • Protein crystal growing
  • UV-vis spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence probes
  • Laser-flashed photolysis system
  • X-ray diffraction for structural resolving
  • ITO-basede photochemcial signal measurement
  • Our newly designed phototaxis motion analysis system for microbes
  • Ion-transportation including light-driven proton and chloride transportation (photocurrent) measurements for ion-type microbial rhodopsins

Make Them Useful

In addition to basic scientific research, coverting our results into pratical biotechnology is a high piroity to us, too. 

This lab is a fair workplace. International students are welcome.

To Contact Us

To contact us:

(Office) 886-2-3366-2275

(Lab) 886-2-3366-3255

To Visit Us

Our Location (Map):

1, Sect. 4, Roosevelt Rd.

Taipei, 10617


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