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Who We Are

Welcome to CSY Structural Biology and Photobiology Lab at

Department of Biochemical Science and Technology (BST)

National Taiwan University

What We Do

Our lab is dedicated in studying:

1. Proteins involve in photobiology of all life forms.  

2. G-protein signaling in plant and higer life form.

3. Biomimicry using light-triggered proteins.

Currently, microbial photoreceptors are our main focus.

Tech We Use

The technology adopted for our study include:

  • General microbiology culture and assays
  • Membrane and soluble protein mutation, expression, purification
  • Protein crystal growing
  • UV-vis spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence probes
  • Laser-flashed photolysis system
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Our newly designed phototaxis motion analysis system for microbes
  • Ion-transportation including light-driven proton and chloride transportation (photocurrent) measurements for ion-type microbial rhodopsins

Make Them Useful

In addition to basic scientific research, coverting our results into pratical biotechnology is a high piroity to us, too. 

This lab is a fair workplace. Most of the lab members mainly come from Tawian, and international students 

are also welcome.

To Contact Us

To contact us:

(Office) 886-2-3366-2275

(Lab) 886-2-3366-3255

To Visit Us

Our Location (Map):

1, Sect. 4, Roosevelt Rd.

Taipei, 10617


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