Our Focus
The goal of our research is to understand the microstructure-property relationship in soft materials and to develop new strategies to manipulate and tailor the microstructures. The building blocks include polymers, surfactant molecules, and colloidal particles. The microstructure is formed by spontaneous self-assembly of these building blocks into supramolecules; the resulting systems may be structured thin films, solutions or gels which could potentially find useful in optoelectronic, energy and biomedical applications.
Group picture summer 2021
Yan-Ru and Hsiao-Wei's paper on porous PLA fibers published in ACS Applied Polymer Materials. (9/5/2021)
f, , q, f join our group, welcome! (9/1/2021)
, ౵a successfully defend their theses, congratulations! (8/1/2021)
Jia-Yi and Chia-Yi's paper on polymer solar cell published in Macromolecules. (5/1/2021)
successfully defends her thesis, congratulations! (2/1/2021)
Chia-Yi's paper on the length of reverse wormlike micelles published in Journal of Molecular Liquids. (2/1/2021)
The paper on the PC71BM structure induced by additives in collaboration with Prof. Komarov published in Soft Matter. (2/1/2021)
Ω, Ķb, W@, F successfully defend their theses, congratulations! (8/1/2020)

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