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University Endowment

Since 2008, National Taiwan University annually allots and appropriates funds for University Endowments, and does long term investments in order to advance prosperity of NTU. The seed capital of University Endowments will never be drawn on as the Office of Financial Affairs shall ensure a 4% annual return for use.

Donors are permitted to establish a sub-endowment under the name of their choice. It is acceptable to provide a brief write-up to justify the aim of their sub-endowment for specific activities, i. e. scholarship, encouraging inter-laboratory, -department, -college and cross-country inter-disciplinary academic activities. The minimal or bottom-line figure for this sort of initial donation would be $1 million NTD so we can go through all the administrative processes.

National Taiwan University will take care of the general operation of all sub-endowments alongside with University Endowment without charging any management fee. However, when the money is used for research activities, it will be charged 15% overhead charge for using the fund to support laboratory researches.  Yet we will not charge overhead for student scholarships.

The annual return of sub-endowment is also 4%; the seed capital is not for use either. It is permitted to carry over unspent fund from the 4% annual return to the subsequent years, if clearly stated. Please refer to [Endowments List] to view the list of established sub-endowments at present.





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