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work reports

1. I was hoping to find out whether National Taiwan University does any investments into private equity funds. Would it be possible for me to verify this sort of information?

Based on university’s policies, we regret to say that it’s unlikely for NTU to share this kind of detailed information which is highly restricted. I’m afraid we cannot agree to this kind of request for specific information regarding our financial affairs.


2. Where can I find the annual financial reports of NTU?

Please go to


3. Who should I contact if I wish to make a gift to NTU and its related institutions?

If your donation is designated to a specific college department or a professor, please contact your beneficiary/receiver directly and ask them to issue you a receipt via NTU Cashier (出納組).

If you would like to make a gift to NTU (including University Endowment or unrestricted usages),
please visit our online donation system at and follow
the instruction, or contact us at for further assistance.

If you have special needs for USA tax deduction purpose, to either kind of donee beneficiary mentioned above, please contact NTUADF treasurer, Dr. Huang, at .


4. Do you provide financial aids to international students?

Please consult with OIA at or at to find out about more details, or ask for appropriate advices and help according to your personal condition.


Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to us at


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