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1995                Ph.D. Sociology, Columbia University, New York, NY

1989                M.A. Sociology, Columbia University

1985                B.A. History, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


2015 – present   Dean, College of Social Science, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 – present   Deputy Executive Office, D-School, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

2014                  Deputy Director, Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

2007 – present   Professor, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 – 2012       Chair, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

2003 – 2007      Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University

2000 – 2003     Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan

1996 – 2000      Associate Professor, Department of Business Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1995 – 1996      Lecturer, Department of Industrial Management, Chang Gung College of Medicine and Technology, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Social Stratification and Social Mobility

Sociology of Organization

Social Network

Sociology of Science/Higher Education




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Research articles

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Book Chapter

Su, Kuo-Hsien. 2014. “Diversity in Faith: Demographic Profile of Christian Denominations in Taiwan” in Yi, Chin-Chun. (ed.), Pp. 184-243. Christianity in Taiwan: 2012 Christian Belief and Social Survey. Taipei: Chunghau 21st Century Think Tank. (in Chinese) 

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2016-2017             “Class Inequality in Higher Education: College Access and Performance” National Science Council. (PI) (105-2410-H-002-076) $744,000 (NTD)

2015-2016             “Romantic Relationship in Emerging Adulthood” National Science Council. (PI) (104-2410-H-002-093) $783,000 (NTD)

2013-2017             “Taiwan Social Change Survey 2015-2017” National Science Council. (CO-PI) (102-2420-H-004-026-SS4) $27,380,000 (NTD)

2013-2017             “Taiwan Education Panel Study and Beyond 2013-2017” National Science Council. (CO-PI) (102-2420-H-004-026-SS4) $29,200,000 (NTD)

2014-2015             “Project of Granting Humanities and Social Science Research Book: Social Stratification and Mobility.” National Science Council. (CO-PI) (103-2420-H-004-012-2E) $3,000,000 (NTD)

2014-2015             “Occupations and Class Reproduction: A Micro-Class Approach.” (PI) National Science Council. (103-2410-H-002 -138) $716,000 (NTD)

2013-2014             “Teaching Research Nexus: A Study of Faculty Time Allocation in Taiwan.” (PI) National Science Council. (102-2410-H-002-074) $586,000 (NTD)

2012– 2013           “History of Competition in Competitive Dynamics: An Analysis of U.S. Airlines Industry.” (PI), National Science Council. (101-2410-H-002-198) $229,000 (NTD)

2011-2012             “Work Life Balance? An Event History Analysis of Marital Dissolution in Taiwan.” (PI), National Science Council. (101-2410-H-002-198) $229,000 (NTD) $506,000 NTD

2011-2012             “Work Life Balance? An Event History Analysis of Marital Dissolution in Taiwan.” (PI), National Science Council. (101-2410-H-002-198) $506,000 NTD

2010-2012             “Assessing the Research Productivity of Humanity and Social Sciences in Taiwan.” (CO-PI) Ministry of Education. $398,000 NTD

2009-2012             “Taiwan Education Panel Survey and Beyond: The Linkage between Education and the Labor Market.” (CO-PI) National Science Council. (98-2420-H-004-002-SS3) $20,570,000 (New Taiwanese dollar)

2009-2010             “Gender Tracking System and Occupational Sex Segregation: A Life Course Perspective.” (PI) National Science Council. (98-2628-H-002-002) $806,000 NTD

2009-2010             “Taiwan Social Change Survey V.” (CO-PI) National Science Council. (98-2420-H-001-002-B1) $2,324,000 NTD

2008-2010             “The Effects of Prolonged Education and Occupational Status on Transition to First Marriage and First Parenthood in East Asia.” (PI) National Science Council (97-2628-H-002-176) $ 634,000 NTD

2007-2008             “Class Mobility in Taiwan 1990-2005.” (PI) National Science Council (96-2628-H-002-071) $1,071,000 NTD

2007-2009             Evaluations of The Academic Activities in Humanities and Social Sciences II.” (PI) National Science Council (96-2420-H-002-006) $2,035,000 NTD

2006-2007             “Network Control: The Structure Of Interlocking Directorate in Taiwanese Business Groups.” (PI) National Science Council (95-2412-H-002-007) $377,000 NTD

2005-2006             “Career in Academia: A Comparative Study of Initial Job Placement and Rank Advancement in Five disciplines.” (PI) National Science Council (94-2412-H-002-007) $626,000 NTD

2005-2006             “Evaluations of the Academic Activities in Humanities and Social Sciences I.” (CO-PI) National Science Council (96-2420-H-002-006) $3,993,912 NTD

2004-2005             “The Effects of Work Experiences on Job Mobility.” (PI) National Science Council (93-2412-H-002-011) $606,464 NTD

2003-2004            “Social Comparison within the Family: The Effects of Sibship Composition on Status Attainment.” (PI) National Science Council (92-2412-H-002-021) $256,000 NTD

2002-2003             “A Longitudinal Analysis of Self-employment in Taiwan.” (PI) National Science Council (91-2412-H-305-002) $288,400 NTD

2000-2001            “The Competitive Dynamics in the U.S. Airline Industry, 1979-1990: A Social Network Perspective.” (PI) National Science Council (89-2416-H-305-004) $367,200 NTD

1999-2000             “Explaining yhe Relationship Between Organization Size, Human Resource Practice, and Labor Productivity.“ (PI) National Science Council (89-2416-H-110-019) $243,800 NTD

1998-1999             “Do Competitive Pressures Strengthen Conformity? The Determinants of Inter-Firm Consensus on the Perceived Environments and Strategic Choices.” (PI) National Science Council (88-2416-H-110-028) $269,200 NTD

1997-1998            “Market Autonomy in a Transactional Network: A Network Analysis of Taiwan's Input-output Tables.” (PI) National Science Council (87-2412-H-110-001) $254,400

1995-1996            “The Determinants of Employee Turnover in Taiwan: An organizational level analysis.” (PI) National Science Council (86-2412-H-110-001) $221,550 NTD


1988 - present      Member of American Sociological Association

1995 - present      Member of Taiwanese Sociological Association

2014 - 2016           Editor, Taiwanese Sociology

2005 - 2006           Associated editor, Taiwanese Sociology

2012 - 2016           Editorial board, Chinese Sociological Review




Undergraduate Courses

Sociology of Organizations

Social Stratification and Social Mobility

Introduction to Social Statistics

Social Network Analysis


Graduate Course:

Organization Theory

Advanced Social Statistics

Seminar on Social Networks and Social Capital

Seminar on Social Inequality