We wrote these ourselves!!!
Original poetry by Karen Chung's Spring 2006 English Oral Training II class

Poems from:
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1. The Stone
Rachel Wang

In the courtyard is a stone,
With characters by rain and mud and time blurred.
Little of the moment could be mentioned in a high tone,
When the notches were with honor engraved,
Telling glorious stories of those who are now just bones
That can scarcely be recognized.

The stone, lonely, finds none to boast to that he once served the emperor
And fought against barbarians, whom we call :family; today.
History unfeelingly continues, making glory dimmer and memory vaguer;
While the blood passes from bone to bone, and remains warm and alive
Within the body and me, from which and from whom
No one can rob anything.

2. The Fourth Year
Vivian Ching-Wen Wu

After three years that were as short as three minutes
I now stand on the corner
With no idea of my next step
Hardly anything I・ve done over the past three years
Could be called successful
Except for my persistent struggle

Green days disappear and I arrive at the point of
:Which road will you take?;
People can・t stop repeating
:Where I am going and what am I doing?;
I can・t stop asking myself

Time flies and the final match comes
Now I stand on the corner
Spending less time hesitating and discouraging myself
I step onto the next battle field
Don・t abandon the treasured ideal, I remind myself

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3. When I Went Back
Joe Ho

Bending on the narrow path,
my shadow is thinner than loneliness. And the red embers of the sun
burn my weak footsteps again.

Why does the bleak wind which has reaped everything
still gnaw doggedly at my floppy earsH
Stop following, for my bag is empty.
Stop following, or you will be lost like me.

Purple feet sink into the sticky mud.
Secretly and slowly, the white maggots
are crawling on my bones, spine, and brain.
Forever, I must forever appease them, feeding them blood of crimson flowers
and a black corpse of dreams.

But directions are like twisting spider webs,
strong enough to strangle my eyes. Silently and absolutely..On the narrow path,
there are only street lamps.
The yellow lights lick me like hungry dogs,
tearing at and eating my shadows,
and dividing up my soul among themK

4. Paper Frog
Parker Fan

A white paper frog, crafted ill
By the little sister on a Sunday tranquil,
Squatted under her tiny fingernailX
A gesture for a great jump. Yet it failed.

Thus Sister let out a wail,

What an ideal Sunday afternoon for me
To pay heed to the paper frog vainly
And dispose of great expectations desperatelyX
If outrageously!

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. Leaves
Angela Huang

Envy the leaves with flowers
Green and joyful
Desire the leaves on the trees
Leap and bound
Mourn the leaves downed by the wind
Sad and regretful
Expect the leaves under the snow
Waiting and rebirth

6. Nineteen-Year-Old on a Ferris Wheel
Acacia Lin

The rolling Ferris wheel rolls
As fast as your smile goes
Flashing flame
Flowing years
Your wishes,
With the blaze in your eyes,
Leave the questions in the air

The rolling Ferris wheel rolls
As slow as our mind grows
Flashing flame
Flowing years
Your tears,
Too vulnerable to fight against time,
Quench the answers in my heart

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7. Nothing Left
Jenny Yang

Flowing freely down to the sea.
I didn't expect anything that would surprise me.
Until you,
Fell onto me.

Though I didn't want you to leave,
I must subject myself to our destiny.
Giving you a ride is my only responsibility.
If only I could bring you some happiness, my life wouldn't be wasted.

There is nothing left at the end of the story.
I was deemed to vaporize, while you
Became part of the land beside me.

At least we once walked into each other's lives,
Becoming part of each other's memory.

8. The Shadow
Nicola Liu

I want to walk with you.
I want to dance with you.
No matter where you go,
I want to be with you.

But then,
The light dies out.
You smile and go to sleep,
I quiver and can only weep.

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9. Live to feel
Simone Wang

I recall days past
and see myself working studying dallying
As is known by so many
But I don・t know what to live for
To be better, gain more beauty, more knowledge
All the glories, competitions are just photos on the wall

But I remember every heart-beating moment
Excited, expecting, hurting, crying, full of passion and desire
It all still touches me, fresh

Live to feel
Exhaust yourself by reaching up and down
Go to extremes
Get the best and ecstasy
Hurt like death and bleeding
Feelings stay
The older we grow
The more we keep

Live to feel.
At least, you feel

10. Morning Symphony
Tobey Hung

Brother Trumpet wakes up everyone
Father Trombone walks into the bathroom
Grandma Horn prepares breakfast in the busy kitchen
The Clarinet
Twins are still talking from the night before
The Drum
Sisters fight over the delicious breakfast
Grandpa Tuba gets up very early but is now snoozing loudly
Uncle Baritone gives morning kisses to everyone
Mother Flute calls the roll: One, two, three...
It's a lovely morning symphony

11. Sincere heart
Sally Yang

Let・s keep a sincere heart
With no fear of evil ghosts
When you come to the maze
Just run to the sun
Run toward the sun You will find the way
You will find,
Truth is standing by your side.

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