We wrote these ourselves!!!
Original poetry by Karen Chung's Spring 2003 English Oral Training II class
Poems from: Spring 2002     Spring 2004     Spring 2005

1. A Missing Boat
Lynn Lai

I have trapped myself in this fog
And can't tell where I am.
Lights are covered and the wind is still;
Only the cold of the dark sea
Alone can I feel.

"Where will you go?" the waves say.
I can't decide, but roll with them
Back and forth, right and left,
My fuel is run out
And I don't know where I am.

2. Rush Hour
Cindy Chen

Rush, rush, rush,
I dash to catch the train;
Push, push, push,
I march to get on the bus.

Surprised, surprised, surprised,
Excessive vehicles and people move;
Frightened, frightened, frightened,
Overloaded traffic and city paralyzed.

Is five o'clock the end of work?
Yes, the short-term occupation is closing.
Is five o'clock the end of the fight?
No, the long-term competition is opening.

3. Epitaph For Captain Ahab
Grace Lin

Thou claimed thyself the equal of God,
The God over the Pequod.
Thou, in Lord Byron's eyes, were
The lively incarnation of Byronic hero,
Who perused your greatest enemy-
Moby Dick, till the end of your world.

Thou, in my eyes, had violated the harmony
Between thyself, the common human being, and
Our mother earth, Nature.

Maybe your death was not an end for you, but rather
A chance given from our merciful Father,
To help you out of your eternal evil abyss.

4. Disorientation
By Mae He

Outside the window
I see it raining.
It's like the string
Binding my mind.

When I walk in the light rain,
I feel its chill and the hitting.
I am distraught.
I am lost.

When will I see the clear sky again
To find myself?
And where can I find the star
To guide me?

I hope to search for the purple mirror
In the forest lake
To illuminate myself.
I wait.

5. The Sea Waves
Wesley Tsai

I was closer and closer to the tide,
And again and again I tried.
The waves were so high
That I could not find the sky.
I could hear nothing but the waves cry,
And I felt their strong life.
Now, we are one, the waves and I.

6. Poem
Eileen Chuang

My tears drop as you say I'm wrong;
it isn・t like that.
I・m just not willing to strive along,
I got nothing from you except a pat,
and more, was laughed at,
I・ve tried to keep smiling and my willpower strong.

7. The Great Master
Doreen Chen

Pitch and cement are horrible creatures,
They creep on each inch of soil,
Eat plants and animals.
Those who are still alive,
Must be obeident to survive.
Their creators depend on them to thrive,
Also become their slaves annd prisoners,
Help them establish the gray kindom.

8. Collapse
Alicia Chen

For twenty years have I been waiting.
waiting for
A lasting love?
For twenty years have I been keeping.
A beautiful memory?

Now, at the beginning of the year
The first sound of the day
Moves, left
Sun and moon, what light lights me?
Lost, fall
Delete, throw, cover, burn

Waiting for none, keeping in vain
A little girl without a past.

9. Miracle
Sue Chow

He pulls a little donkey to the swamp,
Everything is dark and gloomy.
Then he drags it to the seaside,
Everything is still and quiet.
He wonders why what he sees is colorless, motionless.
Meanwhile the donkey sings him a song
And tells him a story--
A story that he'd long forgotten.
It awakens in him memories, emotions, and affection,
Now he can see the waves galloping, the petrels cheering.
When he returns, passing by the swamp,
He will watch the fish dancing.
Everything will become wonderful, colorful again...

The man draws his donkey towards the forest.

10. The Closet
Victor Hsu

It knows every secret I keep.
It counts every time I dance,
And every time I sing to myself.
O, Lord, is there any magic
To keep silent
And never to reveal what it knows?

11. Snow
Stella Huang

Falling, falling from Paradise;
Cold but white,
Clean and bright,
God's blessing from day to night.

Winter melody, brings us silent delight;
White love, white hope, white dreams.
The angels sing, tell the world to sleep;
"Good night, in spring--you'll revive."

12. A Garden
Salina Lin

There is a story once told.
A deserted garden from a world of gray,
like a secret it unfolds.
We have faults or we are weak,
but we get stronger if we face things.
Lilies grow and roses bloom.
Don・t let the seeds wait too long.

13. Insomnia

May Chang

Who is against me!

I want to     l
But I can't       i
I sit still            e
In this noiseless night       down
Beams of light flow in through the window     and
Dust dances in the light         f
Like worries in my mind!         a
I will doze off in class             l
I will have headache               l
I will feel sleepy all day and get nothing done     a
Still sleepy until I put myself into something I like    s
                A speech, a play or a song                       l
                  Then Silence                                        e

          I am dragged into deep sleep                        p
When I wake up
A day is gone
Nothing is done

I hate this
Stop! Stop! Stop!


Only the dawn breaks
Come Come Come
A day I am dread of
The sun gives his hope -fills me with light
A failure with sore eyes, a tired body, a worn out mind
A failure who doesn't know who she is against!

14. Sometimes Nonsense
Sam Lee

Sometimes the sky is wretched blue
and the diamond falls in continuous
meandering ways.
Smelling like fresh chimney
and poor hues...
Everything is okay in autumn.

Sometimes the night is fiercely alone
when we all howl at the pebbling beaming
over the mountains
reminding us all even
there is a past...
Everything we play for is in vain.

Sometimes my head feels wickedly free
sitting high atop some astral point
shimmering there for all to see.
Like a big Athens in the sky
an elephant, a duke.
Everything as bright as the fans.

15. Peace & No War
Louis Yeh

Soldiers are creeping near,
Here, there, and everywhere,
Citizens are praising God,
Love, Hope, and Faith.
Bang! Soldiers are shooting,
Amen! Citizens are praying.
Some fight for Peace,
Others implore for no War.
We must kill you
In the name of peace.
All right! We die
For the sake of no War.

16. The Train to Heaven
Melissa Chou

Hurry up my dear son.
Find the best seat and sit down.
The train・s hooting urgently
To welcome us on a journey of joy.

Look out! My dear son.
Flowers are dancing over the vale,
And clouds floating in the sky.
Our train will take us to the heaven of joy.

The windows smashed; the people split out
My dear son, where do you lie?
Give me your reply,
If you are all right.

The skulls behind; the guts beside
I hope they are not of the boy of mine.
Thank got you・re all right,
But why do I keep losing my sight?

My dear son, do not cry.
Here comes the 911.
Sorry our journey has to wait,
For another way you have to go to heal your wound.

Hurry up! There is no time.
I hope you grow stronger and never cry.
The way to heaven I must go alone.
Forgive me, my sonX
I even forgot to say goodbye.

17. Audition
Jack Lo

Terrified, petrified and horified,
A verdant actor sits in a dusky room.
Unexpected, unassured and suspected,
The distant judges sit sprinkled around.

"Would you try the Waiter?
Three lines, yet dispensible."
"Thank you, Sir. But I'd
Only try the leading actor."

Rambling, tongue-twisting and blushing,
The actor respons nervously.
Questioning, inspecting and piercing,
The judges ask sulkingly.

"Thank you very much and
you we will get in touch with soon."
Out of the leafy room walks the actor,
"I'd rather stay in solitude."

18. Seize Your Day
Lillian Hong

Seize your day, seize your day.
Value the days of your youth.
Though it is stupid.
It is pure.
It is the happiest time.

Not to waste, not to waste.
For it is the loveliest day.
It is innocent.
It is wonderful.
It is the happiest time.

19. Lonely
Evelyn Wei

I see you in my dreams;
I feel you when I'm weak;
I hug you on Valentine's Day;
I sleep with you every night.

Day after day my heart is filled your image;
Year after year I live without being haunted by you.
We've been together for such a long time.

But I've had enough!
I'm tired of you,
I yearn to break up with you.
Go away!
And never come into my dreams again.