Radio drama
Gunsmoke: "Kitty" (I)
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Dodge City
on West
to handle
U. S. Marshall
to star
William Conrad
to move West
young America
Matt Dillon
Mr. Bumby
ought to
to wash over ( = again)
a pot of coffee
"her face is something
 wondrous fair"
 (from the song "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair")
to call hogs
to get up
a while ago
to strike one
to see close to (usually:
 to see close up)
you'd better quit while
 you're ahead
the occasion
every fella (= fellow)
kinda (= kind of)
to get off
to take kindly to s.o.
not rightly polite society
to marry
Aw, shucks! (shows embarrassment)
to thank s.o. kindly
to polish up the glasses
to make love (= to court)
to stare
to have better sense
it ain't decent, proper
to call by for
to clout (= hit) some old
  bitty (woman) on the head
then you'll be sorry
working clothes

How doya do? (= How do you do?)
in company
to clean up
bluebottle fly (ϦRõ)
to slop s.t. all over
lazy fool
a-stompin' (= stomping)
to take a whack at s.t.
Thanks a lot. (ironic)
The mail come in yet?
anything likely?
government circulars (= wanted posters)
to post
Ms. McNiche
a man of your standing
not to go to a big social
  (event) like this...
to escort
to accept
to get some letters
 off to Washington
it ain't none of my business
I had no right to say it.
to borrow off
fancy ties
to share
to have s.t. on one's mind
to get it off
the morning went
almost noon
ragabone 'possum
 (= very thin opossum t)
it's all over town
the best I can figure
to let it slip
a mighty fierceness
  of gum-clobbering
 (= lots of gossip)
up and down, all over
I surely don't.
It's hard to tell (= know
  for sure) about people
to come under that
  same heading
mean and small
there's not an animal
  to touch (
a person behaves
  much worse than an animal)
to take long
to lean against the wall
to come right out with it
 (= to say directly)
I understand (= I hear)
there's a gal (girl) in town
 who's got herself a new bull
to look into something
to be downright rude
ya see (= you see)
you ought to haul 'em in
 (= put them in jail)
What're you gonna charge 'em with?
just plain...
Olivet's Dry Goods Store
What's this city comin' to?
to be blessed, cursed with
take pride, for instance
I had more than my share
it would have been a side kinder if...

Listening comprehension questions:
1. What are 'spoilers' in the context of this story?
2. Why does Matt Dillon suggest to Sam that he should go wash his glasses again?
3. What is the name of the saloon where Sam and Kitty work?
4. What was the weather like this morning?
5. What does Dillon order at the saloon?
6. Why does Dillon say he hasn't seen Kitty close up in the morning before?
7. What does Kitty mean when she advises Dillon to 'quit while [he's] ahead'?
8. Why doesn't Kitty want to accept Dillon's invitation to the dance?
9. What kind of 'working clothes' is Kitty probably wearing that she doesn't think are suitable for the dance?
10. What does Chester start to tell Dillon, but then give up trying to say?
11. Do Chester's fears have any substance? How do we know?
12. What two groups of people made negative comments about Dillon's choice of a date for the dance?
13. What did Dillon almost do in reaction to the comments from the first group? Why did he change his mind?
14. What is a dry goods store?
15. What common human character weakness does Dillon recognize in himself?

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