English Pronunciation: From the Ground Up

Karen Chung, Associate Professor NTU DFLL
史嘉琳 台大外文系 副教授


Apples and Bananas by Raffi
The Silent E Song by Tom Lehrer   The Electric Company
Lute     Guitar     Celtic

    How you sound to others before working hard on your pronunciation
Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Tsing Hua in Beijing

What can happen if you're sloppy about your vowels?

One Small Step Can Change Your Life
Why Kaizen?
Radio drama from The New Yorker Radio Hour:
I Work from Home       Source page

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Further help with Pronunciation

YouEnGlish: Hear examples of words and phrases in context on YouTube
ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Pronunciation Coach (app)
How to have Alex read to you on an Apple device
For Android devices: Google Play: Google Text-to-speech
How Text-to-speech (TTS) works in Windows 10

Reading practice with pronunciation correction

That Quail, Robert: Text (Word)
That Quail, Robert: Text (pdf)
That Quail, Robert: MP3  

Practice dictations and IPA

Practice Dictations
IPA symbol handout
i2Spi:k IPA Input

Previous practice transcriptions

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase: Yellow Horses  Homepage
Criminal Podcast: Just Mercy (excerpt)  Homepage
The Grape, from WNYC  WNYC Homepage
Drama as Rehabilitation in Prison  

Radiotopia Podcasts: Lots of high-quality podcasts!

Breaking News English – Dictation Practice (British English)

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