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    Matlab 7.x
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    The SEKSEXE can not
    read xls file as input
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Spatiotemporal Epistematics Knowledge Synthesis Model - Graphic User Interface
SEKS-GUI framework is  based on sound theoretical reasoning, the interactive software library of SEKS-GUI explores heterogeneous (spatially non-homogeneous and temporally non-stationary) processes (e.g. epidemic propagation, human exposure, hydrologic processes, air pollution modeling, etc.); expresses spatiotemporal processes’ dependence structure using (ordinary and generalized) spatiotemporal covariance models; synthesizes core knowledge bases, empirical evidence and multi-sourced system uncertainty; and generates a meaningful picture of the real-world system using space-time dependent probability functions and associated maps.   The implementation stages of the SEKS-GUI library are described in considerable detail in the paper (Yu et al, 2007).  The wide applicability of SEKS-GUI is demonstrated by reviewing a selection of real-world case studies.  Among them, three datasets are made available for the users to download. Accordingly, these datasets were created for the studies: 1) Black Death Spatio-temporal Epidemic mapping (Christakos et al, 2005). 2) Arsenic health impact (Serre et al, 2003). 3) Spatiotemporal ozone mapping (Christakos et al, 2004).
Related Publications:
  1.  Christakos, G., R.A. Olea, M.L. Serre, H.L. Yu, and L-L. Wang, 2005. Interdisciplinary Public Health Reasoning and Epidemic Modelling:  The Case of Black Death.  Springer-Verlag, New York, NY.
  2.  Christakos, G., A. Kolovos, M. L Serre and F. Vukovich, "Total ozone mapping by integrating data bases from remote sensing instruments and empirical models.", IEEE Trans. on Geosciences and Remote Sensing. Vol. 42(5), pp. 991-1008, 2004.
  3.  Serre, M. L.,, A. Kolovos, G. Christakos and K. Modis, 2003. "An application of the holistochastic    human exposure methodology to naturally occurring Arsenic in Bangladesh drinking water". Risk Analysis 23(3): 515-528.
  4.  Yu H-L, A. Kolovos, G. Christakos, J-C Chen, S. Warmerdam and B. Dev. “Interactive spatiotemporal modelling of health systems: The SEKS-GUI framework”, J. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment-Special Issue on Medical Geography as a Science of Interdisciplinary Knowledge Synthesis under Conditions of Uncertainty, D.A. Griffith and G. Christakos (eds.), in press, 2007.
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