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We are recruiting Undergraduate/Master student and Ph.D who are interesting in advance and frontend electronics. Scholarship will be considered for the eligible candidates.

My research topics focus on  three major directions:
Flexible electronics, nanofabrication, and heterogeneous 3D electronics based on releasable/printable thin film materials.

A. Flexible electronics:
1.Epitaxial-lift-off and printing transfer enable free-standing nanomembrane
2.Single crystal nanomembrane applications
3.High power fast flexible electronics
4.High frequency low loss twisted transmission line with stretchability
5.Direct flip-transferred of high performance Si RF transistors on carbon cellulose    substrate with biodegradability

B. Nanofabrication:
1. Directed Self Assembly (DSA) of block copolymers based on single atomic layer graphene

C. Heterogeneous electronics:
1.Heterogeneous AlGaAs/Si tandem solar cell with ultrathin oxide-interface tunneling junction
2.Ultra-thin intrinsic type UV detectors
3.Nano-cavity enhanced photodetectors