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International Students Explore the Potential of the Great South


Sales Vice General Manager of ARGO Yacht Club Arthur Hu (first from the right) introducing the marine leisure industry in southern Taiwan.

During May 13-15, 2022, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at NTU led 35 students from over 18 countries, including France, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Guatemala, and Paraguay, on a tour of industrial sites in central and southern Taiwan. This tour offered the international students a precious opportunity to observe how multiple industries in diverse fields have been thriving in southern Taiwan, spurred by the government’s Great South, Great Development policy in recent years.

During the visit to ENERCON, ENERCON Taiwan Managing Director Bart Linssen told the students about the development of wind energy technologies in Taiwan, comparing onshore versus offshore wind technologies. Students even climbed up a wind turbine model to experience the working environment first-hand. Derryadi Angputra, an Indonesian student from NTU’s Institute of Industrial Engineering, was inspired by what he saw during the visit—and looks forward to his future three-month internship at ENERCON.

Arthur Hu, Sales Vice General Manager of ARGO Yacht Club, introduced the trends and outlook of the marine leisure industry in southern Taiwan using architectural models. Hu personally took the students for a sail on a yacht so they could better understand the business model of the yacht industry. Samael Antonio Morillo Guardado, a Honduran student from NTU’s Department of Finance declared that he just might have found a future career path in the yacht industry.

Students also had the chance to immerse themselves in the rich local culture and natural scenery of Chiayi County. The tour, organized by the Ministry of Education’s Youth Development Administration (YDA), included visits to the Youth Travel Spots in Meishan, Alishan National Scenic Area, and the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum.

Elena Quiroga-Fernandez, a Spanish student in the Taiwan International Graduate Program for Earth System Science between NTU and Academia Sinica, was so strongly attracted by the scenic sites and local hospitality that she decided to return to Chiayi for a second visit.

According to Johnny Wu, OIA’s Head of Global Relations and member of the Committee of YDA: “We want to do more than help international students find a job here in Taiwan, we hope these in-depth tours can help them understand the potential of the job market in southern Taiwan and explore opportunities outside of Taipei.” Thanks to the NTU International Mentorship Program, over 3000 international students from 70 countries have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in internship programs, career workshops, and visits to industrial sites in Taiwan.

ENERCON Taiwan Managing Director Bart Linssen (left) and Derryadi Angputra (right) in front of the wind turbine model.

NTU international students visiting Taiping Suspension Bridge.

NTU international students at the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area.