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Re: Parrots language ability

> From: Myriam Garcia Bernabe <>

> It seems that parrots and budgies can actually talk -when
> they feel like it, of course- by repetition. However,
> I know they have vocal cords, vocal tract, tongue,...but they
> do not have lips. How come they can produce bilabial sounds
> such as [m] and [b]?

	I am not an expert on this, but I believe they do it in a way
similar to how human ventriloquists seem to produce these sounds without
closing their lips. We 'hear' a sound where we expect it to occur if what
we hear is not too different from the usual way the sound is produced. Try
saying something like: 'Her coat and boots didn't match.' You probably can
do a good imitation of this sentence without moving your lips at all. 

					  Karen Steffen Chung		
					  National Taiwan University


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