Elliott Fan (樊家忠)

Associate Professor
Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617 Taiwan
T: +886-2-33668359 | F: +886-2-23659128 | E: elliottfan@ntu.edu.tw



Principle of Macroeconomics (2021 Spring)

Seminar for Economic History (2021 Spring)

Price Analysis II (2021 Spring)


Ph.D. in Economics, 2006, University of Toronto
M.A. in Economics, 2000, University of Toronto
M.A. in Economics, 1995, National Taiwan University
B.A. in Economics, 1993, National Taiwan University

Professional experience:

Associate Professor, 2017 to present
Department of Economics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Assistant Professor, 2011 to 2017
Department of Economics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Research Fellow, 2010 to 2011
Social Policy Evaluation, Analysis and Research (SPEAR) Centre, Research School of Economics, College of Business & Economics, Australian National University

Research Fellow, 2006 to 2010
Social Policy Evaluation, Analysis and Research (SPEAR) Centre, Economics Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University

Published papers:


“The Intended and Unintended Effects of Drunk Driving Policies: Evidence from Taiwan” (with Harrison Chang and Kehao Chang), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2020, 82(1): 23-49.


“Uterus at a Price: Disability Insurance and Hysterectomy” (with Hsienming Lien and Ching-To Albert Ma), Journal of Health Economics, 2019, 66(C): 1-17.

“Gender Differences in Willingness to Compete: The Role of Culture and Institutions” (with Alison Booth, Xin Meng, and Dandan Zhang), Economic Journal, 2019, 129(618): 734-764.

“Tenure Security and Long-term Investment on Tenanted Land: Evidence from Colonial Taiwan” (with Shu-jen Yeh), Pacific Economic Review, 2019, 24(4): 570-587.

“Rates of Return to Four-Year University Education: An Application of Regression Discontinuity Design” (with Xin Meng, Zhichao Wei, and Guochang Zhao), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2018, 120(4): 1011-1042.

“Is the Quarter of Birth Endogenous? New Evidence from Taiwan, the US, and Indonesia” (with Jin-Tan Liu and Yenchien Chen), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2017, 79(6): 1087-1124.

“End-Of-Life Medical Spending in Last Twelve Months of Life is Lower Than Previously” (with E. French et al.), Health Affairs, 2017, 36(7): 1211-1217.

“Women Rule: Preferences and Fertility in Australian Households” (with Pushkar Maitra), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, April 2013 Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 1–30, ISSN (Online) 1935-1682, ISSN (Print) 2194-6108.

“Do public Incomes Induce More Consumption?” Economic Record, 2010, 86(272): 15-27.

“Who Benefits from Public Old Age Pensions? Evidence from a Targeted Program,” Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2010, 58(2): 297-321.

“Health Status, Wealth, and Portfolio Choice: Causality or Heterogeneity?” (with Ruoyun Zhao), Journal of Banking and Finance, 2009, 33(6): 1079-1088.

Working papers:

“Understanding the Mechanisms of Parental Divorce Effects on Child’s Higher Education” (with Yen-chien Chen and Jin-Tan Liu) IZA Discussion Paper No. 14122. Under review.

“Sweet Unbinding: Sugarcane Cultivation and the Demise of Foot-binding” (with Nora Cheng and Tsong-Min Wu) IZA Discussion Paper No. 14076. Under review.

“The Intergenerational Behavioural Consequences of a Socio-Political Upheaval” (with Alison Booth, Meng Xin, and Dandan Zhang) IZA Discussion Paper No. 11991. Under review.

“Chased by Ghosts: Exploring the Economic Factors and Health Consequences of Shortened Gestational Age” (with Chun-Fang Chiang and Chen-Yu Hsiao), 2017 Working paper.