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【年代:2020 / 卷期別:第50期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2020 50期 萬神方胙壽有餘-清乾隆雕漆神像經匣的道釋神譜與寫經供養
Worshipping Myriad Gods for Auspicious Efficacy: Carved Lacquer Boxes with the Qianlong Emperor's Religious Pantheons and Enshrined Scriptures
Zhan, Zhen-peng
2020 50期 鄭績《畫學簡明》的繪刻、功能與流通
Images, Function and Circulation of Zheng Ji's Painting Manual Huaxue jianming (A Comprehensive Guide to Painting)
Wan Lai Na, Nina
2020 50期 「自由戀愛」的追尋與實踐:1930年代梁白波與葉淺予的漫畫情緣
The Pursuit and Practice of "Free Love": The Love Story of Liang Baibo and Ye Qianyu in the 1930s
Chen, Te-hsin
2020 50期 「看見」藝術品:十八世紀後期至十九世紀初英國圖解藝術書籍的發展
"Seeing" Works of Art: The Development of the Illustrated Art Book in Britain from the Late Eighteenth to Early Nineteenth Century
Hsieh, Chia-Chuan