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【年代:2018 / 卷期別:第45期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2018 45期 連環與編結:中國古代貴金屬製鏈法
"Loop in Loop" and "Single Wire Braiding": Techniques for Making Precious Metal Chains in Ancient China
Tong, Yu
2018 45期 巴中地區佛教造像龕之研究:以初唐時期到開元初期為中心
Niches of Buddha Carvings in the Bazhong Area from Early Tang to Early Kaiyuan Period
Yagi, Haruo
2018 45期 Portraits of Chinese Emperors in the Jāmi‘ al-tavārīkh by Ilkhanid and Timurid Painters
Masuya, Tomoko
2018 45期 清刻本《墨池編》版本源流考述
A Trace to the Source: The Qing Block-Printed Editions of Mochi Bian
Chen, Zhi-ping
2018 45期 帝國紀勳與地方貢品:乾隆朝《平定臺灣得勝圖》雕漆掛屏考
Imperial Imagery and Local Tributes: Research on Carved Lacquer Panels of the Taiwan Campaign during the Qianlong Reign
Zhan, Zhen-peng