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【年代:2016 / 卷期別:第41期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2016 41期 引魂升天,還是招魂入墓——
Guiding the Soul up to Heaven, or Summoning It into the Tomb: On the Function of Silk Paintings in Mawangdui Tombs and Posthumous Soul Summoning Custom of the Han Era
Li, Qing-quan
2016 41期 視覺的盛宴——「朱鮪石室」再觀察
Visual Feast: Rethinking “Chu Wei Shrine”
Zheng, Yan
2016 41期 魏晉至北魏平城時期墓葬文化的變遷:圖像的觀點
Transformation of Mortuary Cultures
from the Wei-Jin Period to the Northern Wei Pingcheng Period:
A Perspective Based on Images
Lin, Sheng-chih
2016 41期 初唐(643-706)公主墓道「鹵簿出行」壁畫與身分
Status and the “Procession” Scene on the Sloping Path
in Tang Princess Tombs(643-706 CE)
Chao-Hui Jenny Liu
2016 41期 天下名勝的私家化:清代嘉、道年間自傳體紀遊圖譜的興起
Privatizing the Imperial Landscape:
The Rise of Pictorial Autobiographies and Travel Memoirs in Early Nineteenth-Century China
Mei, Yun-chiu