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【年代:2015 / 卷期別:第39期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2015 39期 生與死─北朝涅槃圖像的發展
Life and Death: The Development of Nirvana Images in the Northern Dynasties
Yen, Chuan-ying
2015 39期 北魏洛陽時期葬具的風格、作坊與圖像:以一套新復原石棺牀圍屏為主的考察
Style, Workshops, and Meanings of Northern Wei Sarcophagi: A Case Study of a Set of Recently Reconstructed Stone Bed Panels
Lin, Sheng-chih
2015 39期 盡物之情態—北宋題畫活動與徽宗朝花鳥的畫史意義
The Significance of Northern Song Dynasty Painting Inscriptions and Bird-and-Flower Paintings During the Huizong Reign
Chen, Yun-ru
2015 39期 趙孟頫乙未自燕回――元初文人山水畫與金代士人文化
Zhao Mengfu’s Return to the South in 1295: The Early Yuan Literati Landscape Painting and the Jin Literati Culture
Shih, Shou-chien