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【年代:2012 / 卷期別:第33期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2012 33期 重訪樓閣
Revisiting the Pavilion
Miao, Zhe
2012 33期 《正統道藏》本《三才定位圖》研究 ──北宋徽宗朝的道教宇宙神譜
Research on the Ming Daozang Edition of the Sancai dingwei tu: A Daoist Cosmological Pantheon in the Reign of the Northern Song Emperor Huizong
Wan, Chui-ki Maggie
2012 33期 明代版畫《養正圖解》之研究
The Study of the Ming Didactic Woodblock-Printed Book-- Yangzheng tujie
Lin, Li-chiang
2012 33期 內務府官員的外派、外任 ──與乾隆宮廷文物供給之間的關係
Imperial Bondservants’ Provincial Positions and Their Contribution to the Acquisition of Objets d’Arts for Emperor Qianlong’s Court
Chen, Kuo-tung
2012 33期 陳澄波繪畫中的故鄉意識與認同
──以《嘉義街外》(1926)、《夏日街景》 (1927)、
Homeland Consciousness and Identity Politics in Chen Cheng-po’s Paintings: A Study of his Three works, Outside of a Chiayi Stree (1926), Street Scene on a Summer Day (1927), Chiayi Park (1937)
Chiu, Han-ni